Why Vidya Balan is the Right Choice for a Biopic?

Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan is the right choice for biopics. She yet again proves it with Shakuntala Devi. Read Thought Habitat Musings to know more

Well, when I say Vidya Balan, you very well know that I am talking about the movie Shakuntala Devi. Watching the OTT release, my thought on Vidya Balan’s ability to play biopics of various individuals is hilarious. Be it Silk Smitha or Shakuntala Devi, she nailed it so well that at one point I tend to think, Were these people really this great? Also, I wish someone with the same spirit of Vidya could come forward to do her biopic.

Well, I’m not a movie critique to look at the different aspects of the movie and say this is a masterpiece. I tend to look at it with the eyes of audience as I have a different way of looking at a movie. Moreover, I realized people are happy reading content that way as they wish not to get instigated. Reading my thoughts on Dil Bechara, one of the reader did say that.

On that note, here’s my musings on Vidya’s performance in the movie and why she is the perfect choice for a biopic.

Replicating the Person for Real

When I heard a biopic on Jayalalithaa is in the making, I did wish Vidya Balan plays the title role. Somehow, reportedly Vidya rejected the offer and it went to Kangana. While Kangana as a person is equally capable to play Jayalalithaa’s role, Vidya’s performance would have been a value addition.

If you ask me why, my answer is, “Watch Shakuntala Devi.” The performance goes beyond costumes, mannerisms, emotions etc. To show a person on screen is to live as that person and Vidya nailed it again with grace. And this fact is a testimony to her acting prowess.

Wait, I’m not done here. There are some more cases which I want to explain.

Beyond Expressions & Costumes

When Vidya played the role of Geeta Bali in Ek Albela, I was astonished to see the sheer resemblance. Be it the saree or the coolers or even the expressions, Vidya had it all to express the good and bad aspects.

Shakuntala Devi is a great mathematician but is she a control freak? She buying a house in Kolkata for her love and separating her daughter from husband. And calling her husband as a homosexual are horrifying facts. The makers did manage to show it more positively. Yet, Vidya flaunts it with grace and it is more like Shakuntala Devi telling, “This is the real me.”

Playing Around with the Numbers

Flaunting around with the mathematical abilities is definitely a trait of Shakuntala Devi. But how did she manage to do it without much fuss? Well, Vidya depicts that with grace. Do you want to know how? Then watch the movie now!

There are more facts that I want to say, but these are potential facts to say she is the right choice to play biopic of any individual. It can be the onscreen sexy personality like Silk Smitha or a celebrated actress like Geeta Bali. Vidya Balan never fails to impress with her performance. Surprisingly, her performance goes beyond putting the best performance ever. In the meantime, do read about French Biriyani, a hilarious satire launched recently.

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