Mrs Serial Killer – Inconsistent & Overcooked Plots

Serial Killer
Mrs Serial Killer is a new web movie featuring Jacqueline Fernandes in a lead role. But, its inconsistent plot took it to a place where it must not be

With the number of crime thriller series, Netflix is undoubtedly Crimeflix. Anyhow, it depends on the audience you want to focus on, right? While scrolling through the Netflix browser for new series, I noted there’s something in the name of Mrs Serial Killer. I don’t want to give you spoilers, but the plot and the title does not sync together.

Mrityunjoy Mukherjee, in a sleepy town in India is in police custody with serial killing charges. Dead bodies found in his own property. Also, the killer’s DNA matching the fingerprints are the solid evidence to curtail his bail application. Fighting against the odds, Sona, played by Jacqueline Fernandes thinks her ex-boyfriend , the Police Officer is revenging against her.

As suggested by her criminal lawyer Mr Rastogi, Sona decides to kill girls with similar persona. She somehow finds, Anushka Tiwari, her student might be the one and kidnaps her just to kill. Yet, she is not prepared enough to kill someone. What happens next is the remaining storyline, which I wish not to tell you. But watching this, here are some points which make it inconsistent.

Role of Jacqueline

We have seen performances from several actresses portraying a girl fighting the odds despite the distress she is in. Anushka Sharma in NH4 and even Alia Bhatt in Udta Punjab (even though not a big fan of the latter). Jacqueline got a challenging role as a Serial Killer, which possibly turned out to be comical. Well, if that’s how the makers want it, blame goes on them.

Overcooked Plot & No Emphasis on Motives

In the climax, we can see the makers do make an attempt to connect all dots. Yet, it turns out like an overcooked broth which lost its flavours already. Even before the climax, the plot seems predictable. Therefore, no point in watching in completely, right? Most importantly, there is no emphasis on the killer’s motive, which might make you lose interest as you get to see the climax.

Pregnant & Fighting?

I remember the days when a neighbor girl was pregnant. She counted every single step and all were so careful that she doesn’t fall down. And this is not greek and latin folks, we all know it , right? Well, looking at this movie, my thought process is changing. Two pregnant women can do Taekwondo fighting, kick each other’s abs and yet the child survives. Well, this is a Bollywood movie where the impossible is made possible.

Well, keeping away all the criticism, I must say Manoj Bajpayee’s performance was impeccable. He lights the show which is rather dull and inconsistent. Before you go, do not forget to read my review on Extraction featuring Chris Hemsworth.

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