Savitri- A Central Character in Paatal Lok

Paatal Lok
Paatal Lok is yet another neo-noir streaming in Amazon Prime. While several characters in the series, Savitri playing Cameo is a game changer. Read through

One being in the universe is embracing pain, love, loss and several other things with utter grace. Moreover, this being ensures to move on and live life to the fullest. This being showers unconditional love and empathy to the humans even. And yeah, since the recent past all they demanded was a little more than a Biscuit. You very well the living form I’m referring to. I rather wish not to use the word it is commonly referred as. All because we have the name in our filthy dictionary.

Paatal Lok is among the list of Indian Crime Series next to Sacred Games, Mirzapur and a lot more. Perhaps it is the urge of the people who tend to see filth in the rawest form and test our resilience to not get affected. Well, that’s how I began embracing to see the filth in our movies. Paatal Lok, a new web series streaming on Amazon Prime replicates the similar spirit of the Indian Crime Thrillers.

Reviewing a Crime Thriller is now becoming a repetitive task to me with the abundance across the OTT Platforms. Writing on Paatal Lok was not on cards, yet Savitri urged me to do so. This doesn’t mean the series was amateurish or waste of time watching. It is an artwork and a game changing experience for those who agree to watch the horrors in Rural India in a raw form.

Yet, the lovely aspect of the series was Savitri with her beautiful tail wagging and graceful face. Well, I must admit her graceful face did thwart danger. How Savitri turns out to be a mover in a raw filth focusing script? Let us see.

Who is Savitri?

A stray being living alongside the gate of Sanjeev Mehra, an affluent Indian liberal journalist. His wife Dolly regularly feeds Savitri who always stays outside their gate. Dolly, who is more prone to anxiety attacks fearing her husband finds solace in looking after Savitri. Also, when Savitri falls ill, Dolly is more than generous to take her to a vet. Then the Vet reveals Savitri the impregnation of Savitri. Due to her failed attempts of not able to produce a Child, Dolly brings Savitri inside her home to support her throughout the labour. Even though Sanjeev Mehra opposes owing allergies, Dolly stubbornly insists that strays do not shed hair much.

How Savitri’s Character is Central in Paatal Lok?

Well, I shouldn’t be revealing much as this could curb your viewing experience to a large extent. Rather I must say a line which the faceless antagonist says to his disciple, “The man who loves *** is a Good Man.” This particular statement makes a large difference in the entire plot and drives their lives to far crazy extents. Revealing more than this is a crime. Therefore, I stop here. Well, one more thing that I can say is, Savitri empowers Hathi Ram Chaudhary to do something for her fellow strays.

Well, next time I promise to write on something different. Perhaps something similar to my UPLOAD review? I’m happy to be one of the unique Web Series Bloggers in India to review such coming of the age content. Keep watching this space for more and more exciting content. Also, don’t forget to read some of our brand stories.

Image Courtesy: Paatal Lok Wikipedia

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