Extraction- Raw, Lucid & Fierce

Extraction featuring Chris Hemsworth is quite a raw, lucid, and fierce web series in recent times. Thought Habitat reviews it in detail.

Since my last review of the State of Siege, I have not written much on the Web Series section. Well, if you ask me the reason, I would say things were not as interesting and appealing as the three reviews I wrote. Post watching Thor and Avengers, Chris Hemsworth grabbed my attention. His conviction to put himself into the shoes of the character is the reason according to me. The recent Netflix film– Extraction is the best testimony of his skills. The below given three terms rightly explains my views on the web movie.


Abduction of Ovi Mahajan, the son of an Indian drug lord by his arch-nemesis in Bangladesh (this time not Pakistan) is the storyline. Teenagers as thugs and the power of the underworld on Government machinery are some notable factors. Apart from that, replicating the poor living conditions and the state of infrastructure in Bangladesh is in a raw form. Ovi Mahajan locked in a washroom and guarded by teen goons is quite chilling to see.


A storyline receives more attention if it is short and crisp. Precisely, lucid. Extraction begins with the problem, execution, and finishes with the most possible result. This preciseness keeps the viewer engaged for the whole time and he/she may not realize the timeline too.


This is more common in all Netflix series I must say. Apparently, Money Heist or the India famous Sacred Games are the right examples to quote. Other options, I don’t have to tell you guys. You all are quite aware of it. Yet, the showcase of fierceness in Extraction is quite unique. The combats and faceoffs are dreadful or I must say, skillful.


Despite Extraction being a well-executed web series, I personally felt there are some inconsistencies. The first one is, why will someone involve the whole armed forces of a state to get 10 million USD. Well, I’m not rich to say this is quite a meager amount. But I wonder, why will someone risk the lives of so many men just to save one child.

Ruling out all these inconsistencies, I will still say Extraction is among the most engaging web movies of recent times. Watch it to see the muscle power of Chris Hemsworth and the adrenalin rush leading to it.

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