Must Watch Web Movies by Thought Habitat

Here are some must watch web movies as suggested by Thought Habitat. Miss others, but not these ones. They’re gems lying hidden

With the ongoing Lockdown fiasco, my online movie watching time is surging high. Can you believe I finished watching all of Marvel franchisees and that of Star Wars? Well, I still have 1 more to watch in Star Wars. But of all the web movies I saw, some had a lasting impact on me. These were the ones I saw during lockdown online.

The Devil Wears Prada

One night, I was digging up for good web movies to watch online and found this in Hotstar. It is about a girl who aspires to be a Writer/Journalist and lands up as an Assistant of Runway Magazine Editor. Well, she undergoes a professional transformation and ends up winning the trust of a Highly or I must say the Cruelest Professional in the world. I very well connect with this Story because it is more or less been a journey that I went through. The plot is simple and straight forward for anyone to understand. You can be someone who never understand running a fashion magazine industry, yet you’ll be intrigued to see how it functions. If you love accepting the reality then go for it.

6 Underground

Well, the soundtrack of this is still resonating in my ears like hell. From the beginning till the end, it is just adrenaline rush. This movie, makes you ponder who is gonna die next. Did you ever think of faking your own death and living in isolation? Well, this movie does push me to do so. My only worry is, I just couldn’t do it because it released in 2019. This web movie is a must watch if you love action, adventure and screaming out loud for all scenes.


Well, this one I did review. Like 6 Underground, this gave me chills through the spine. Who is gonna die next? Will the boy survive? Chris Hemsworth survives? Will they leave Bangladesh? I was so into the movie that I never realized the running time. Yet, there are some inconsistencies which makes me question it. Ruling out all those, this feeds your adrenaline.

Star Wars

I remember an IIT Professor telling me, “If you want to understand the power of Laser then watch Star Wars.” Well, I not only understood the power of Laser with the Light saber weapon, I enjoyed the whole concept of the movie series. Thanks to Disney+ Hotstar for streaming the whole movie. Well, right from the first movie which came up in 1970s till the last one I saw- The Force Awakens, there is so much eye to detail. Each character has a meaning. Chewbacca a.k.a Chewie is my favourite. R2-D2, woah can someone make a Robot so interesting? 3PO, no words to say. If you haven’t, watch it guys. I’m sure whoever watches it will become a Tech Nerd.

I hope you people also saw a lot of things. Do share them in the comments below. I’ll surely write about them in the coming days. In the meantime, read my first ever Web Series review.

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