UPLOAD- Life After Death through Technology?

UPLOAD is a newSci-Fi romantic satire streaming in Amazon Prime. Thought Habitat notes some interesting facts in the series. Here they are

We are drifting more towards the era of where machines govern our lives. UPLOAD, one of the recently launched Amazon Prime Web Series showcases it quite elaborately. Right from self driven cars to bringing dead alive, tech driven world is creepy as well as amazing.

The story revolves around Nathan Brown, a tech entrepreneur who dies of a self driven car crash. His girlfriend, Ingrid, takes him to the UPLOAD interface even before he is dead. What he does living in the Horizen space is the story all about. Here are certain facts that was the highlight of the First Season of UPLOAD.

Life after Death

Horizen, probably I can say an agency which offers after life services through augmented reality is helping dead people to live life after death. Well, everything is a tech simulation here. Right from your food to the scenic views one gets. Well, this may sound stupid, but the everything shown here is quite realistic and this might become a possibility too.

Attending your own Funeral

The best part to mention is, you get to attend your own funeral. Well, in that case, do not expect anyone to cry. But they cannot touch you or feel you. They can only see you through a screen on the other side. Yet, this is sounds good because you will get to know who all will turn up to your funeral.

Grey Market

There is always a chance of you doing something creepy and secretive. The Grey Market showcased in this series replicates the same. Tattoos to make your body parts grow bigger, tech hacks to enter proms and availing escort service, you get everything here.

AI Servants

Gone are the days of expecting robots to be machine based. They can act like humans too. Well, they can multi-task, split into 4 or even 10 to finish tasks in micro-seconds. Therefore, we see the world transforming into something different. Yet, they cannot pass the I’m not a Robot Test.

Talking Dogs & Pet Therapy

Well, this is the best part I loved. You can pet a fluffy Labrador and yet listen to him talking. On the other side, it is a human angel doing the talking while the dog makes the lip movement. Since I saw this, I’m so much interested in pet therapy.

A sci-fi romantic comedy is definitely something new to the world in my opinion or at least this is the first I ever saw. Quality lies in the detailing you give to the elements. The more specific and realistic it is, the more fun it would sound. Makers of UPLOAD do excel in this art. Their efforts are very well replicating on screen. While you all go to watch this, let me wait for the second season to show up. Also, do not forget to read some of my previous Web Series reviews.

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