Liquor Sales Amid COVID-19 Fear in India- Notable Facts

Since 4th of May, Liquor Shops were open in India to the public. Since then the sales went up high. Here’s a fact check by Thought Habitat on the same.

Until 4th May, the country was so much worried about the further spread of COVID-19 on a community level. Anyhow, when the liquor shops opened on the same day, all this fear-mongering faded. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Delhi and several other states recorded humongous single day sales like never before.

Why liquor sales is so high? Well, as adults, we should know the reason ourselves. Mumbai alone saw sales of Rs 11 Crore on Day One. Uttar Pradesh saw sales of Rs 100 Crore on the first day sales of Rs 100 Crore. With the liquor sales skyrocketing to new highs in these few days, here are some notable facts.

India Manufactured Foreign Brands in High Demand

Here I wish to talk about the working class population. The most possible choices of drinks would be Budweiser, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Teacher’s, Bacardi, Royal Stag to name a few. Currently, these brands are now the ones in high demand. According to associations in various states across the nation, due to the absence and cashlessness of the poor class, sales of Desi brands have slumped. Well, this does make sense. But where did the working class get all the money from? Aren’t they struggling too?

However Expensive

States increased the tax and even the price on each products. This was to ensure not many turn towards liquor shops in large numbers. Even restrictions were imposed such as Mandatory Aadhaar proofing and Mask wearing. Yet, the number never continues to be high. Uttar Pradesh for instance imposed 70% tax followed by a 50% by Andhra Pradesh government. Despite all this, people are coming out in large numbers to buy.

Girls Never Hesitate Too

The first to stand in the queue was a girl in Delhi, Karnataka and several other states. Anyhow, they came covering their face with a scarf and a helmet. Well, no more comments. There might be a group waiting to read through the lines and make an issue.

Govt to Facilitate Uninterrupted Liquor Production?

While liquor sales are skyrocketing like never before, manufacturers are requesting the government to allow opening of their facilities. By doing so, they can make uninterrupted supply of liquor to meet the existing demand. Well, Government may or may not allow this. Else, the liquor shops will shut yet again.

These are some facts which is predominantly happening in the current times. Liquor Sales can possibly help states to fund the ongoing crisis and recover from it. Uttar Pradesh is reportedly expected to make Rs 4400 Crore with sales of liquor and essentials. Anyhow, we may not know how much impact this sales will have on the government’s cash flow. While I lookout for more such facts, do read my review on the recent Sci-Fi Romantic Satire, UPLOAD in Amazon Prime.

Image Courtesy- Photo by Chris F from Pexels

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