Why Statehood to Kongu Nadu is Mandatory and how Beneficial is it?

Kongu Nadu
There are rumors of carving out Kongu Nadu from Tamil Nadu. While critics say it is for the political mileage of BJP, some say it is mandatory.

Kongu Nadu is a region that comprises districts in Tamil Nadu such as Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Tiruppur, etc. All these districts along with a few more like Dindigul, Nilgiris, and others too form the region called Kongu Nadu.

Since time immemorial, the region has been flourishing in terms of trade. And as of date, this region accounts for the largest GDP contribution to the state of Tamil Nadu than others. Thanks to the flourishing business scenario in Coimbatore, Salem, Tiruppur, and other cities.

Perhaps, this particular relevance as an economic hub in the state, leaders hailing from this region is insisting on making this a separate state. Reportedly, the Central Government is now showing more interest in offering statehood to this region for various reasons.

Even though critics consider it as a way to attain political mileage, statehood to this region is mandatory. Why? Let us explore.

Defense Manufacturing Hub

Salem Steel is a national phenomenon. Thanks to the rich mineral ore soil of the district. Steel Authority of India through its plant in Salem produces cold-rolled and hot-rolled stainless carbon steel alloy. Well, SAIL is not the only steel manufacturer here. Along with SAIL, JSW Steel as well has a large manufacturing plant here.

An IT park and a 250 acre to encourage electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing are also underway. In addition to this, Hindustan Aeronautics has been eyeing to set up a plant here as part of the Defense Corridor Project.

Most importantly, Coimbatore as a region has a significant number of Foundries and Equipment manufacturing companies. Therefore, Kongu Nadu as a state or a union territory can very well become a Defense Manufacturing Hub for India.

This becoming a union territory, the Central Government might have direct control over the operations. Hence, manufacturing activity can be amped up with fewer local bureaucracy interventions.

Kongu Nadu as a Special Economic Zone?

Steel manufacturing is not the only specialty of Salem. This city is known for agriculture, textile, and rich mineral ore deposits too. Tiruppur as a region is rich in terms of garment manufacturing. The garment exports from Tiruppur are worldwide.

Coimbatore is another region that we cannot ignore. This is referred to as the city of Foundries, Equipment Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Water Pumps to name a few.

Recently, the Government of India has increased the cap on Foreign Direct Investments. Already, companies like Bosch have a base in Coimbatore. Also, Coimbatore and Salem now have dedicated airports too.

If made a separate state, this could be the destination for economic growth in India. Also, manufacturing activities in and around can be reduced largely if this region is given the status of a separate state.

Seamless Benefits for the Local Population

First and foremost, with a thriving business environment, the local population will benefit in terms of jobs. Also, startups who tend to future-ready defense systems can be given direct support from the Central Government. Provided, it emerges as a dedicated hub for defense manufacturing.

Therefore, Kongu Nadu as a separate state will not only benefit the local population but also increase the prospects of a thriving business ecosystem. Criticism did exist in all subjects. Yet, the decisions that had to be taken were taken without fail. Kongu Nadu as a separate state might emerge in the near future.

Keep watching this space for more exciting updates.

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