Chempakaraman Pillai – The South Indian who Coined the Slogan Jai Hind!

Jai Hind
Mr Chempakaraman Pillai is a freedom fighter who was indulged in several activities to liberate India from British rule. Moreover, he deserves recognition for coining the term – Jai Hind.

An MLA representing the ruling party expressed delight over the Governor not saying Jai Hind in his speech. While some radical forces are backing this claim, various nationalists are condemning this act.

Yes, in one way or the other this is an act of sedition. The legislative member represents lakhs of people in the assembly. Therefore, a statement made by a legislative member must be responsible and should reflect a national spirit. Even though the MLA came up saying that a Tamil version of Jai Hind is to be coined, the term Jai Hind itself was coined by a South Indian (Tamilian).

Especially, the Madras Presidency under the British Raj was a prime hub of the Indian Independence Movement. Subramanya Bharathi, V O Chidambaranar, Marudu Brothers are some of the notable leaders. Similarly, one person deserves the most credit i.e., Chempakaraman Pillai. He indulged in several activities to liberate India from British rule. Moreover, he deserves recognition for coining the term – Jai Hind.

Here is something about Mr. Pillai and his involvement in the Indian Independence Movement.

Part of Indian Independence Committee

Mr. Pillai was appointed as the President of the International Pro-India Committee in September 1914. This was to take the help of German forces to weaken the British Raj in India and liberate the country. Also, this committee allied with the Ghadar Party in the USA and other like-minded forces.

Kabul Mission

The Indian Independence Committee took support from the Central Powers in December 1915 and formed the Provincial Government of India in Afghanistan. This was the conclusion of the Kabul Mission with members from Germany, Turkey, and the Indian Independence Committee. Mr. Pillai was the Foreign Minister in this Government, which then was withdrawn after the Germans lost the First World War.

Coordinating SMS Emden

SMS Emden, a warship of the Imperial German Navy attacked the coast of Madras during the First World War causing severe damage. According to historical records, Mr. Pillai was coordinating this attack. On the other hand, some freedom fighters deny this claim.

Coining the Slogan Jai Hind

In 1907, Mr. Pillai coined the slogan for the Indian Independence Movement i.e., Jai Hind. Later on, every single freedom fighter started using it. Especially, Indian National Army led by Subhash Chandra Bose adopted this slogan and successfully fought against the British Raj.

Why not say Jai Hind?

The ruling party in Tamil Nadu today is reportedly among the few pro-British Raj forces then. Therefore, it is not surprising to hear such things from the same folks. But what is more disturbing is that pro-national leaders in the assembly did not raise their voice against this statement.

Hence, it is in our hands to take forward the glory of our freedom fighters and keep saying, Jai Hind!

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