Is Tamil Nadu Hesitating to say Jai Hind?

Tamil Nadu
Why are people in Tamil Nadu hesitating to say Jai Hind? Are they not keen on being inclusive in the Indian society? Is it political motivations? Let us explore.

Tamil Nadu is one of the most developed states in India without doubt. Significant amount exports from agriculture, automobile, textile and other sectors from Tamil Nadu reach multiple countries. While the state is among the large contributors in terms of exports, it is also one with low patriotism.

Yes, I’m talking about the recent instances where the state government has been referring to the Central Government as Union. Most importantly, the case where a legislative member celebrated Jai Hind not included in Governor’s speech. And a politician demanding a separate flag for the state.

Anyone with a patriotic feeling will never accept all these facts. Unfortunately, but for a few the entire state is mum on the entire issue. Neither did they want to condemn this act through their social media handles nor did they bother to come out and say Jai Hind.

Why is it happening so? Why are people in Tamil Nadu are hesitating to say Jai Hind? Are they not keen on being inclusive in the Indian society? Well, I’m not asking these questions. Rather, my friends from other states ask these questions to me.

I always say political motivation as the potential reason for Tamil Nadu being a state with low national sentiments. What are those motivations?

No Jai Hind & a Separate Flag for the State

A legislative member who represents thousands of Indians celebrating the fact that not mentioning Jai Hind is welcome is a clear indication of political motivations. On the other hand, another political leader is now insisting on having a separate flag for Tamil Nadu.

Why do we need a separate flag as a state? Jammu & Kashmir the state which had a flag for itself once upon a time is now inclusive in Indian Democracy. This is another affirmation that political nurturing does exist to curb nationalistic sentiments.

English, Yes! Hindi, No! Why?

Another major issue that is commonly prevalent in Tamil Nadu is the acceptance of Hindi as a national language. Well, I would say just because someone doesn’t accept Hindi it doesn’t mean that we disrespect the nation. Ironically, a Tamilian coined this term.

But, when we can accept English over Hindi, it does raise some doubts. What’s the harm in accepting Hindi as a common language? Moreover, there are folks who did learn Hindi as well as English. Some are vociferous spokespersons in Hindi too. Just by learning this language, not only our knowledge improves, we understand our fellow countrymen better.

And, in no way that is going to affect the native language. Maharashtra is the best example to quote. While Marathi is still the primary language, they embraced as an equally important language.

Religious Identity?

A particular religion in Tamil Nadu feels, Hind refers to Hindus. Therefore, they consider Jai Hind as a religious propaganda against their religion. Jai Hind literally translates to the term Victory to India. So how did it become Hindu? But, this does exists across the country.

Constitution does not Demand you to chant Jai Hind

We live in a democracy and our constitution will never insist on we telling Jai Hind. Rather, the ones saying Jai Hind say in their own interest of the nation. But the question is, are people in this state really keen on respecting national sentiments?

Jai Hind is our Pride

While introducing ourselves to an expat, we often tell our name and then our nationality. Some forces who wish to have a political mileage often create such confusions. But if that influences our attitude towards the nation, then we need to look back and see our history.

To become an independent nation, our ancestors did struggle. It is not only the few names who often hear. Our own ancestors were dreaming of an independent land for us to thrive. These slogans are of personal pride to each one of us breaking all the language, regional, cultural, religious, and ethnic barriers.

Therefore, never shy away from saying, Jai Hind!

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