State of Siege – Comprehensive Feature on 26/11 Rescue Ops

State of Siege Zee5
State of Siege web series on Zee5 throws light on 26/11 attacks on Mumbai based on the book Black Tornado is a true delight. Here’s my review on the same.

The 26/11 incident in 2008 incited so much anger among the public. Questions were raised at all levels on the government’s ability to handle. Why didn’t we have immediate backup forces at Mumbai, despite the city being the Economic Capital of India? Well, these questions persisted for a pretty long time in the nation. Anyhow, the positive factors that emerged out were the ability of our armed forces National Security Guard (NSG) and MARCOS. For very long, we all wanted to know how they managed to stop the siege and bring everything under control.

State of Siege 26/11 web series recently launched on Zee5 OTT platform is the best representation of Operation Black Tornado to date. Well, it is based on the book Black Tornado written by Sandeep Unnithan.

Here are some key aspects which were the most impressive

Emphasis on Ajmal Kasab’s Journey as a Jihadist

The most essential aspect I wish to mention first is on Ajmal Kasab‘s transformation from an angry teen to a Young Jihadist. Relatively, several others like Kasab join the task force to create chaos in India. Well, even though the writer has emphasized on his journey, he has maintained that thin line of justifying his acts by playing a victim of situations.

Role of Sandeep Unnikrishnan Reprised by Arjun Bijlani

The hero of 26/11 operations was Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan. The young major took a brave step and attempted chasing away the terrorists. His will power to fight them on his own and asking his fellow soldiers to not follow him is very well reprised by Arjun Bijlani. The TV actor seamlessly makes all efforts he can to pay a tribute to Sandeep Unnikrishnan.

Media’s Spoiler Sport

Well, the role of INN News Channel in giving action prone updates of media at that time is well appreciated. Rather than blaming the media, we must say the whole nation played a spoilsport by demanding something exciting. Efforts made by media by showing the arrival of NSG commandos through the terrace and presence of a guest- Andreas at Taj Hotel is another relevant tip the organizers sitting in Pakistan received. The makers have made sure it is shown as an irresponsible act by amateur journalists.

Mumbai Police Force Going Beyond their Capacity

While two terrorists enter CAMA Hospital, they’re surprised by zero vegetation. A scream of a woman in labour sparks their attention. Immediately, they have Mumbai Police ready to take them over with Pistols and Rifles (used in 2nd World War). With a grenade blast, one cop dies. While a top cop arrives at the hospital who yells at 4 constables fearing to enter the red zone.

There were two other mentions on how the Mumbai police managed things on their own. Number one was the two police officers looking for terrorists with just two bullets in each of their pistols. Then comes the capturing of Ajmal Kasab and the killing of one other terrorist. Despite their disorganized communication and team efforts, they managed to achieve something on their own.

Final Showdown by Arjan Bajwa

To avenge the death of Major Manikrishnan, Chief NSG Officer Kunal played by Arjan Bajwa goes on a rampage for a final showdown with the four terrorists hiding in the kitchen. Their plan to bring down the four terrorists is nerve-wracking and the countermeasures taken by the terrorists as well add more spice to the plot. In all, Arjan Bajwa steals the show as the hero of the show with his staunch reprisal of an NSG Commando.

Essentially, the web series is lucid and offers a comprehensive look at the 26/11 attacks. Moreover, it never glorified or made the terrorists as a victim of situations. For all these efforts, the whole crew deserves a big applause. Unlikely, due to the ongoing Corona fiasco, not many seem to notice its release.

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