State of Siege: Temple Attack | Crisp Narration with no Religious Agendas

Temple Attack
State of Siege: Temple Attack is now streaming on Zee5. Unlike other web movies, this one is not setting any religious agendas with a crisp narration.

By the end of March 2020, we wrote a review on the State of Siege 26/11 web series on Zee5. Similarly, after a long time, now we are back on track to write on Web Series. And this time it is State of Siege: Temple Attack.

Movies and web series are becoming the breeding place of political and religious ideological thrusting. For example, the one we wrote on TANDAV very well replicates Thought Habitat’s policy of not reviewing such series and movies.

Unfortunately, most of the web series and movies today are keen on setting religious and political agendas. Also, some go a step ahead and present historically incorrect facts in the name of fiction.

Few statements mentioned above may seem irrelevant to the subject on the State of Siege: Temple Attack. Well, the below points will justify what was mentioned.

No Political or Religious Agendas

Temple Attack will remain my favorite series forever because of one reason i.e., it has not set any political or religious agendas. The September 2002 attacks on Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar, Gujarat is another dangerous act of terrorism.

Fortunately, the series calls a spade a spade and identifies Islamic Terrorists as the ones responsible for this attack. Moreover, they didn’t show them as the victim of circumstances too. And, the Swamiji of Akshardham Temple at the end appeals for peace that reportedly, very few religious leaders did so far.

Crisp and to the Point Narration

Ken Ghosh, the director who introduced Shahid Kapoor in Ishq Vishk has directed this series. While the narration and screenplay in Ishq Vishk as well as Shahid’s second movie was more or less amateurish, this one is crisp and to the point.

There is no deviation in the entire series. This means Ken Ghosh has redefined his benchmarks and has offered a well-narrated web movie. Moreover, the cowardice of the terrorists is well represented here. For example, two old women sitting feared in the temple premises are brutally shot by the Terrorist.

Akshaye Khanna Scores Well as an NSG Commando

Akshaye Khanna is one among the few actors who would perform well in any given role. He essayed the role of Sanjaya Baru in The Accidental Prime Minister quite diligently. Similarly, Akshaye Khanna in the State of Siege: temple Attack movie too is faring well as an NSG Commando.

Be it the brisk attitude of the commando or the pain of losing a fellow soldier or strategizing as an army person, he does it all effortlessly. Therefore, he is not only the affluent actor in the entire movie, but steals the show with his acting prowess.

Now, you all have the answer to what we mentioned above. If a movie or a series is setting political or religious agendas it must be boycotted. Well, a squad of folks exists with vested interest who would vouch for those movies. As individuals, we must understand the anti-national narrative set by these movies and voluntarily boycott them.

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