French Biriyani- A Satire Showcasing Debatable Issues

French Biriyani
French Biriyani
French Biriyani is yet another Kannada flick streaming now on Amazon Prime. This comedy flick is hilarious and focuses on some debatable issues. Read more

Filmmakers nowadays are becoming realistic and they bother to showcase debatable issues in a hilarious way. In my earlier review on Law, streaming on Amazon Prime I did say the Kannada industry has a very good talent pool of scriptwriters.

The same did push me further to write something on French Biriyani. The movie streaming on Amazon Prime comes with certain flaws here and there. But overall it is a hilarious movie that showcases some of the most debatable issues. Here are certain facts of the movie that makes me say so and some hilarious moments that deserves a great appreciation.

The Victims of Strikes

Simon is a French national who is coming to Bengaluru, India for the first time. The movie begins with a foreigner (Simon) talking to a taxi driver expressing his worries as he is Visiting India for the first time. Anyhow, the driver couldn’t turn up and Simon is picked up . The same has ripple effects across his journey in the country.

Media’s Role

Malini, a reporter is seen politicizing the Taxi Driver association strike. She burns a Tyre and rolls it across the road to report vandalism. In between she finds a pathetic foreigner (Simon) struggling to find a way and instigates him to say he is lost and struggling.

Spitting is a Norm in India

Spitting in the public is quite clumsy and we all do hate the ones who spit on the road. But they’re hardly questioned. Why? We don’t want to get onto a scuffle with anyone on an issue that has nothing of us to do. Well, the same is expressed in a short moment in the movie in a hilarious way.

Nepotism Brutally Exists in the Underworld

Imagine if we had to ask, “where did nepotism start?” Well, we cannot find an answer to it. Rather we must ask, “When did democracy start?” You all know what I mean. Since the beginning, King’s son is said to become a King or that’s the societal order at least. The same still exists in the underworld.

Well, these are some hilarious moments I noted in the French Biriyani. But the movie does have some problems. Otherwise, this is a good entertainer to watch. Also, read my review on Dil Bechara.

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