LAW – Robust Script but Poor Execution

Law, the recent Amazon Prime OTT release has a potential script let down by poor execution and impactless acting performance. Yet, it has something to say.

Even though I follow celebrities and read news on movies, I’m not a big fan of movies. Rather I prefer going for a walk or some other activity. But some movies does catch my attention and keep me glued to the screen.

Tom Cruise, Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Vyjayanthimala, Jayalalithaa, Mohanlal and few other names does compel me to watch a movie. Most of my favourites are in Tamil, Hindi, English and some random Telugu as well as Malayalam movies. I didn’t focus much on watching other languages especially Kannada.

While travelling to Bangalore and Hampi in a public transport bus, I did get to see certain Kannada flicks. Those include, Dakota Express and some low profile ones which is not worth a mention. What I unanimously found in this industry was, the script is good.

Yet, the performance and selection of cast as well as execution as a whole is something that lacks here. Movies are of low budget, it’s got a good narrative and a story value. But the poor performance and backdrop lets everyone down.

Law is one such flick which saw an OTT release on 17 July 2020 in Amazon Prime. The byline was pretty intriguing. Nandini, a law student is fighting all alone with the odds to penalize three men. Here are some of my observations that are good as well as bad about the movie.

A Good Narrative & Backdrop

Nandini, a law student is subject to gang rape by three men from a high profile family. While she rushes to police station to inform about the same. To her utter shock, the cops show less interest and her father asks her to stay mum about the incident.

But breaking all the odds, she does garner support with a Facebook Live and push for a rapid police inquiry. Being a law student, Nandini vouches for herself with her friends supporting in gathering the evidences. This is more impressive if someone bothers to look into the script. A good pool of script writing talent exists in the Kannada film industry. This is very well seen in every frame.

Clear Motives & Simple Sequences

I tend to look at movies which have a simple sequence with clear motives. The protagonist is subject to gang rape and rather than mourning, she does is ready to fight back. Therefore, this movie can very well be seen as an attempt to empower the rape victims who never speak up. Anyhow, the protagonist has an ulterior motive that is revealed as the movie progresses.

The happenings are way more simple and not so horrific for the family audiences to see. Therefore, the motives are clear and sequences are swift. Both of these put together offers a creamy viewing experience for the audience.

Well, these are the exceptional aspects I saw in this movie. But the below mentioned negative aspects did want me to switch to other movies in the streaming platform. Here are some of them.

Impactless Screenplay

If someone had ever seen the movies of Tamil Director Mysskin and the movies of Anurag Kashyap, probably we know the ugly face of violence. I tend to stay away from such movies because I’m more of a fainthearted and these movies might affect me mentally. The initial frame itself looked impactless. A girl stops a car in an unnoticed location saying, “Please help me. These men are chasing me.”

Then she asks them to take her to Police Station to file a complaint and there she reveals that she is subject to gang rape. The cops question her presence at this wee hour and her father’s sense of allowing his girl to roam around independently. There are many such aspects in the movie which could be much more better for a script of this level.

Disintegrated Scenes

A gang rape victim comes out and challenges everyone saying I will fight for it. But the next day she steps out to have desserts with her friend, which is actually a flashback is something we never realize. Such underwhelming editing is a shame to a script which has a good potential.

A movie like this must have actually found its way in Bollywood and the protagonist must have been some big names. Even in case of Telugu or Tamil industry, there are potential big names who can add justice to this role. Even though, the protagonist does her job, it is not impactful enough to say that this movie serves to be the voice of the rape victims. I still recommend you all to watch this movie once as encouraging such movies are important for a society that needs to understand a good script.

Well guys, Dil Bechara and Shakuntala Devi reviews are upcoming so keep watching this space without fail.

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