VideoMeet introduces Hindi and English Captioning in Virtual Meetings

VideoMeet launches captions in Hindi and English will appear for enhanced user experience and to reduce the intensity of disturbing elements in the meeting.

VideoMeet, the made in India video conferencing application has yet again delivered a highly useful feature ‘close captioning’ to make the virtual meeting experience for their user base convenient. The application has begun the feature with Hindi and English captions but plans to roll out in all Indian regional languages with future app updates. The purpose behind introducing this feature was to reduce the intensity of disturbing elements in the meeting.

The feature is accessible and enabled by the host for conducting a seamless meeting.Dr. Ajay Data, Founder and CEO, VideoMeet explaining the message behind this feature said, “We are a homegrown application, and it is our duty to introduce features that symbolises our vast culture; India being a diverse nation deserves a virtual meeting application that makes them feel connected and close to their roots. The characters in close captioning appear at the speed at which the user speaks, which is highly efficient and well-coordinated.”

Apart from this feature, VideoMeet ever since its inception has been integrating unique features such as Backstage platform, that allow users to wait in a safe mode before entering the meeting. Participants are also made aware about their waiting time before given the access to virtual meeting. Another one being Playback feature, that enables participants to watch the pre-recorded sessions and meetings. It gives the control to the host for managing and scheduling the entire playback for smooth communication.

The made in India conferencing application has been recording lakhs of meeting minutes on daily basis due to the array of user-friendly features such as background customization, live Youtube Streaming, Waiting rooms, multi-definition viewing, multiple meeting modes, multiple audio support, VNOW- a replica event platform, etc.

VideoMeet’s parent company – VideoMeet Pvt. Ltd, headquartered in Jaipur was conceptualized when the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology organized a ’Made in India Videoconferencing Challenge’ to replace foreign apps such as Zoom, Google Meet etc with a homegrown alternative.

Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay

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