Record, Replay and Share: VideoMeet introduces ‘Playback’ feature

VideoMeet, the Made in India video conferencing app introduces Playback feature to enable the host to manage and schedule the entire playback

Made in India video conferencing application, VideoMeet introduces an extremely useful ‘Playback Feature’ for all its users in its free of cost model. The Playback mode will be a revolutionary content delivery mechanism allowing users to watch the pre-recorded meetings. It enables the host to manage and schedule the entire playback for smooth communication. Participants are made aware that they are being recorded via audio and visual both.

The feature is accessible by the host, till his/her account remains valid. Recorded videos are directly stored on their devices. It will be highly utilized for recording an office meeting, class, conference etc. The meeting recording feature finds its major utility in education, corporate, healthcare sectors, as playback feature can be used for creating training videos, to rehash the details of a project, or to take notes on what was discussed.

Elaborating on the effectiveness of VideoMeet and its newly launched feature, Dr. Ajay Data, founder of the App said, “We have taken care of all the necessary security aspects in rolling out this new feature. It makes the process of remote learning and working extremely convenient and comprehensive. VideoMeet will continue rolling out such features to enhance user- experience.”

The host also has some additional advantages like scheduling the playback slot with one click setup, access to viewers list, and facilitate registration of the participants. A quick registration process enables the participants to enter the meeting and also view the pre-recorded video anytime. The application has been recording lakhs of meeting minutes on daily basis due to its engaging interface and array of user-friendly features such as background customization, live Youtube Streaming, Waiting rooms, multi-definition viewing, multiple meeting modes, multiple audio support, VNOW- a replica event platform, etc.

VideoMeet’s parent company – VideoMeet Pvt. Ltd is headquartered in Jaipur and led by the IT expert, Dr. Ajay Data. The application was conceptualized when Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology organized a ‘Made in India Videoconferencing Challenge’ to replace foreign apps such as Zoom, Google Meet etc with a homegrown alternative.The platform further promises full data security and privacy to its users with its end-to-end encryption.

Image by Osckar Espinosa from Pixabay

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