Sonam Chandwani, an Accomplished Woman in Law

Sonam Chandwani founded KS Legal in 2013. Now, the law firm handles 200+ top corporate clients. But, behind this success, there is a dark tale of struggle.

KS Legal is a boutique law firm in Mumbai founded by Sonam Chandwani. Since its inception in 2013, Sonam has handled 200+ corporate clients. Insolvency, commercial litigation, mergers & acquisitions, dispute resolution, and mediation are some of the specializations of KS Legal. But, in the initial days, with several uncertainties to overcome, Sonam had a tough time emotionally, mentally, and financially. With all that, Sonam Chandwani is definitely an Accomplished Woman.

In a discussion with Thought Habitat, Sonam Chandwani is sharing her experiences.

Edited Excerpts:

What’s the trigger point for you to pursue a career in Law?

I always wanted to become a chef, but law college happened with a promise of a steady paycheck and humble beginnings. So law college by chance, but my passion for it is relentless. When I first felt passionate about Law was during my internship under a Judge. After graduation, I was applying for jobs like all my classmates. But after 50 job rejections, I made my mind to establish my own law firm, and i.e., KS Legal & Associates. The past decade has been a journey with highs and lows but never had a boring day!

According to you, what was the biggest challenge that you ever came across in your entire career?

I did not have family members or industry connections to lean on for legal experience and business advice. To be honest, it was a struggle emotionally, mentally, and financially. It was damn tough. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned. But, in three years, the firm tasted success and shifted its base from a tiny 350 sq ft office to a 5,000 sq ft office in Andheri.

Where is the company today versus where you thought it would have been 5 years ago?

We have progressed much over the last five years. I was quite unsure and I was fearful of how I would carry the firm forward. Setting up own practice has never been easy. However, I am glad about whatever we have achieved so far. Beating past your own expectations is surely an experience to cherish and we have been successfully doing that. Cherishably, with a fair number of satisfied Clients and a sizeable amount of success stories, we created an impact. Starting from a team of 2, we are a full-grown family today, and all of it has been beyond expectations.

Now that you had more than 200+ clients in a short span of time. What are your benchmarks for the future?

At present, the Mumbai-based law firm offers full-service legal solutions to 200+ clients, from business and financial enterprises to banks, financial institutions, private equity funds, government bodies, high-impact startups, cultural institutions, high net worth individuals, and estates and trusts from India. The next step is to go international with my team!

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