Coronavirus Lockdown Blues? DoWhistle Comes to your Rescue!

Buying essentials and medicines won’t be a trouble during the times of Coronavirus. Do Whistle, an app facilitates identifying places for home delivery.

Quite boring isn’t it guys? Eat Work Sleep Repeat. Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic that is trying to transform all of us into non-social animals. Luckily, smartphones, the internet, laptops, and digital gadgets come to the rescue. But how about buying essentials? What if you cannot step ahead of your doorstep? After watching the Contagion movie, our worries are increasing rapidly, isn’t it? Well, world leaders have assured there will be no stoppage of essentials, everything will be at your doorstep. Fine, if the provision store is in the same street where you live, the shopkeeper can afford to venture out. An aggregator like Amazon can send executives for delivery. But what if delivery is not available in your locality?

All of us have the same running in our minds. But stocking up essentials is quite mandatory especially at times of pandemic. Else, we need someone delivering quite often i.e. on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis. For the same, we would need to trace out multiple vendors i.e. shopkeepers in the nearby streets or even in the nearby localities. Sometimes, even far away.

That’s not the only problem guys. Let us say, you venture out to buy essentials. Someone in your proximity on the road tests positive and you’re not aware of it. How’ll you know? You can say you’re wearing a mask and you’re using sanitizers. But somehow or the other those antibodies can enter your body and make you a victim. Therefore, you need someone to tell the person you’re confronting is Corona infected. This will make sure, you can walk in a safe distance.

Well, if these are your problems, simply download the DoWhistle app, now!

I get what you’re thinking, promotional blog you thought right? Not really, this app has zero commercial goals and so does Thought Habitat.

Do Whistle is a California, USA based startup that empowers the common folks like us to consume essential services online and stay in touch with like-minded folks.


Note: In case of Corona, the app is customized to keep us away from any-minded folks.

Vouching Factor

Their best use-case to be mentioned is their Whistle Reporter app which they customized for the Tamil Nadu government to locate uncovered borewells that can be converted as rain harvesting units. This exercise of theirs uncovered 3000 borewells in just a week across the State.

How to Use this DoWhistle App?

Go to Playstore/iStore and type Do Whistle, you’ll get this app. Download and you’ll have an interface similar to Google Maps. On the header, you can see a search box and an option of COVID-19 lockdown essentials right below (call it the footer if you wish to).

Now, when you click on the Daily Essentials, you’ll be asked to Sign Up with your Phone Number, Email ID followed by an OTP sent to your number. Now, you’re in the game. On the search box, you can type whatever essential services you need. For example, a pharmacy or a provision store.

Here it will show you the Geotag of the stores open near you along with their timing. You can call the specific place if you wish to check out more and with the same geotag, you can walk down.

Identifying Coronavirus Suspects

Let us say, you’re walking down to the store and suddenly you see a person coughing vigorously. He/she seems to have sore throat, fever and all symptoms similar to that of COVID-19. What will you do?

There are two things you can do with this app in such a case

  1. Help the person find a Coronavirus testing lab nearby
  2. Raising a complaint so that healthcare workers can quarantine the person (scary isn’t it? Nevermind. You can skip always this.)

Post-Coronavirus Times How Can I Use This App?

Yes, the main purpose of this app comes up then. You’re completely down staying inside and you need new souls to mingle with and that’s the time when Do Whistle comes handy. If you’re an art lover, you can identify artists near your locality and indulge in some likeminded activities.

Here’s the team which facilitated DoWhistle

Cool isn’t it? In all ways, Do Whistle will assist you during this pandemic scenario. Download this app now and get all the benefits. Startups are innovating a lot to facilitate the easy supply of essentials during this Coronavirus crisis, Do Whistle is one such app. With social initiatives taken by startups like this, we can overcome pandemics of any sort.

Just that we need to ensure, we call for delivery of essentials on need basis and not on a fun basis. Also, read the innovative activities of Indian Biotech Startups to develop indigenous testing kits.

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