Let Us Play GLAD GAME to Beat Lockdown Blues

Lockdown Blues

Dr Sadaf Ulde is one of the most entertaining doctors I had ever seen. Even at this time of crisis, she has extended her helping hand by offering free consultations. Now, to let us overcome this lockdown blues, she has come up with an entertaining activity i.e. GLAD GAME. Over to her to explain about the same.

     “Let us rise up and be thankful for if we didn’t learn a lot today, we learned little if we didn’t learn little, we didn’t get sick, if we are sick we didn’t die so let’s be thankful.“  – Gautam Buddha

Today we are in a situation of lockdown at our homes and worried about our health and finances. These are tough times and news on our TV Channels and Social media are making us more anxious. But how about applying a different attitude these times where we take inspiration from the above words of Gautam Buddha? Let us try and change our perspective towards the problem.

We are stronger than any virus, crisis or any negative situation/thought. I know these are challenging times. Yet, whether we succumb to the challenge or rise above the challenge is the choice we can make.

Do you pick up your call and talk to your relatives about how bad the situation is?

Do you talk about how the virus is spreading badly and statistics of the death?

Do you complain about healthcare and governmental bodies?

Complaining and brooding of any situation arise when you have taken things for granted. We complain of things absent in life and our mind harnesses the negative feelings and negativity around the world. But we forget the things we have, and we need to be grateful for the same.

The absence of gratitude often comes from a sense of lack and scarcity in your life. Precisely, you’ve stopped all the good things from entering your life.

One of the magical things in our life that can change all our life scenario is an attitude of gratitude. The power of gratitude is much more than the present negative situation. There are unlimited ways and means this situation can change for you and everyone living on this planet. As a result, we will have no time to blame, be angry, anxious or sad if we have filled our lives with the attitude of gratitude. Every negative situation in our life can transform into something that is more beautiful than we ever imagined. 

All you need is to drop the habit of living and feeling a sense of scarcity and insecurity rather than inspire your life with gratitude. So, be glad of things around you. Play and laugh like a small child for whom everything is a game. That’s why even the simplest things make their heart full of joy and excitement.

There could be various aspects of your life where you feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, you feel there is a surge of turmoil that is stressing you out it. In many cases, that could be your health, finance, relationship or any situation. You’re deeply wanting to change just fill it up with enough attitude and see how magically your life can change.

Here are some simple practices you can do throughout the day to enrich your life with the power of gratitude. Now, listen carefully, this is how you play the GLAD GAME to beat lockdown blues.

Make a list of everything since the time you get up in the morning till your bedtime. Consequently, you may find several reasons for being happy and in an attitude of gratitude.

Some of the examples

  • I’m grateful for the gift of health
  • Grateful for the gift of life
  • I’m grateful that I and my family are protected and safe within the comfort of our four walls.
  • Grateful that I and my family are protected and safe within the comfort of our four walls.

Now while you do this, make sure that you refrain from sharing a piece of negative news with anyone. Whenever you want to talk, replace them with some things that you feel grateful for. Let’s find a reason to be in a state of gratitude and heal our life while we are grateful to be at home and connect to each other.

Lastly, wishing all the reader to stay home and to stay safe.

Therefore, as Dr Sadaf suggested, let us play GLAD GAME and over lockdown blues to see positive results. In the meantime, read my review on State of Siege Web Series.

Image Courtesy- Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay

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