COVID-19 Warriors of India | Startups Manufacturing Testing Kits

COVID-19 cases in India are increasing gradually. On a brighter side, startups are facilitating & fast-tracking manufacturing of testing kits. Here they are

Well, we all heard it from all sides. COVID-19 cases are spiking up, the death rate is increasing, the whole world is on a brink of collapse. While we heard so much of these negatives, we failed to see the efforts of COVID warriors. I’m not talking about the health workers or the police force or even the armed folks. I’m talking about Startups in India who are doing their bit to equip the warriors on the ground. From a woman who jumped out of her labor before delivering to a pesticide manufacturer turned biotech company, here are those who are making the job easier for the health warriors fighting COVID-19.

Mylab Discovery

The first in fact to get notified in the media and indeed the most valorous acts to save the nation from the invisible enemy. Pune based Mylab Discovery came up with the first testing kit for India. The research & development head of this firm, Minal Dakhave spearheaded the development of the kit in six weeks, which would usually take 3 to 4 months.

Reportedly, an hour before her cesarean, she submitted the proposal to the Indian Food & Drug Administration and Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) for commercial approval. Now, she has delivered a baby girl and her brainchild is being manufactured in large numbers to meet the demand of testing kits in India. As a tribute to her valorous efforts, the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), fast-tracked the approval process and now private testing labs in the country are officially procuring these kits. Make in India, Made Simple.

HUWEL Lifesciences

ICMR not only fast-tracked the approval process of Mylab for testing. They fast-tracked approvals for Hyderabad based HUWEL Lifesciences too, which has developed Quantiplus Detection Kit which is among the very few to have 100 percent concordance among positive cases. Founded in 2015, this Hyderabad based startup is into the manufacturing of diagnostic kits for infectious diseases, Cancer and Genetics. Most importantly, their mission is to develop cost-effective solutions to cater to all. Now, we believe their testing kit can achieve the same.

Krishgen Biosystems

Mumbai based Krishgen Biosystems is yet another Biotech firm that was quick enough to come up with a testing kit i.e. SARS-Cov2-Detection. Yes, these were probably used in testing SARS cases years before and as the symptoms are similar to respiratory issues, ICMR has directed to use the same testing kits.

KILPEST ( 3D BlackBio Biotech India Limited )

Big ideas come from nowhere they say. KILPEST, a pesticide manufacturer turned biotech company is the right example to quote here. Most importantly, it’s BSE listed. Also, it has a track record manufacturing pesticide, bio-products, fertilizers and a lot more. Now they’re shifting focus towards biotech products and fortunes are coming their way for the timely assistance they are to do to the world. Their subsidiary, 3D BlackBio Biotech India Limited has developed a testing kit- TRUPCR. Within days of approval, authorized testing Labs allover India are using it.

Innovation is happening at all levels to ease the process of diagnosing. In a country with 1.2 billion population, such innovations will facilitate seamless handling by health authorities. We have faced several disease outbreaks before, but with COVID-19 innovation is becoming a forte of Indian startups. Finally, Make in India & Digital India is paying off.

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