Coding Blocks- The e-Learning Facilitator

COVID-19 is making e-learning as the new normal for students as well as the professionals. Coding Blocks seamlessly facilitates the same.

COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting and bringing a new world order or we can say a new way of living. During this lockdown, a lot has changed and one sector which is being majorly re-defined is Education. From the admissions process to internships all institutions are trying to shift to automation.

Basic school education or high tech programming courses, online classes or e-learning is the new norm. EdTech today has emerged as one of the biggest facilitators for all students, job aspirants and working professionals who want to upskill their knowledge and keep up with the pace of education.

e-Learning with Coding Blocks

Coding Blocks has come up with an innovative idea of launching their novel Live Classes Program that will ensure better efficiency, guidance by tech-experts, recorded lectures, immediate doubt resolution and much more. Some highlights about Coding Blocks

  • 20 different courses across categories comprising Data structures and Algorithms. C++, Java and Python along with Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Competitive programming and Interview prep courses to name a few.
  • Courses designed and developed by Coding Blocks help developers to think beyond. Also to transform ideas into real-life products thus enhancing the overall performance of an organization.
  • Coding Blocks teaches more than 10000 students in Online programs every year. These are self-paced and makes learning interactive and fun. The specific focus is on Doubt support. Also, a lot of mentors and Teaching assistants work round the clock to ensure all learners are content.
  • Students can avail 50% discount on all their online courses by using a special code “STAYHOME”

How are they encouraging students to enrol during lockdown situations?

On a brighter side, the outbreak of Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown have been proactive in impacting the conventional education system of India. Here is the time when EdTech gets the opportunity to come to the forefront to solve the wreck in the education system. Now, EdTech can become the necessity to serve for the betterment of students’ futures during social distancing. This can turn out to be a pivotal point in revolutionizing the education system.

Edtech firms are growing in the education industry and this is the crucial time to make history for them. Coding Blocks ensures better efficiency, guidance by tech-experts, recorded lectures, immediate doubt resolution, and much more to the youngsters.

Well, e-learning is a concept which Thought Habitat is covering quite often. Yes, this is third in a row, isn’t it? While knowing the developments in the e-learning space, read about a social entrepreneurship effort.

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