Coronavirus- States in India with Good Recovery Rate

Recovery Rate
Recovery Rate in some Indian states is far high and they serve as a role model for world nations too. Here are some of those states.

The number of COVID-19 cases in India is spiking up day after day. Like other countries, India is also reaching the top charts. Soon India could be a hotspot as predicted by experts. These facts resonate across the nation. To look at it on a brighter side, India is among the few countries with a good recovery rate. Thanks to the efforts taken by state authorities and healthcare workers who are smartly managing these operations. With these states as role models, we can say the recovery rate in India is pretty good than its western counterparts.


The first to report a Coronavirus case and the first to report a good recovery rate in India. Thanks to their robust medical system, administrative support from their authorities and voluntary support. Most importantly, support from people on social distancing and adhering to lockdown rules is yet another reason for a faster recovery rate.


The richest state in India. Definitely, with Mumbai as its base, Maharashtra is the biggest hotspot in India for Coronavirus. Most importantly, the state authorities sealed major hospitals as their healthcare workers tested positive. Yet, their recovery rate is good enough. Well, certain pockets in the state are following lockdown and social distancing rules. Municipal authorities in Thane earmarked green zones to ignore people’s movement strictly. In the meantime, some even say certain hospitals are following strict measures to stop further spread. The same is reflecting in the numbers for them. Still, Maharashtra is not the right model to project as fatality is equalling the recovery rate.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is always recognized as a healthcare hotspot in India. An increasing number of medical tourists from third world nations and neighboring countries is the reason. Similar to Kerala, Tamil Nadu managed to keep the recovery rate higher than its fatality counterpart. Yet, criticism exists that enough measures are not taken. Despite all that recovery rate is better because of the strong measures on the treatment side. Anyhow, the state is not in a position to control people venturing out.


Like all the above states, Telangana as well has been at the forefront of crisis management. Their robust healthcare system and strong administrative prowess are their strengths. Also, there are a good number of hospitals to serve critical medical emergencies. Luckily, all these came handy for the state to tackle Corona.


Unlike Kerala and Maharashtra, Rajasthan took a while to show up on the charts. Yet, several of the North-Western states began joining the club. Today, even with over 1200 cases, Rajasthan has a lower fatality rate compared to other states. 164 of nearly 1200 recovered and this is a testimony of their robust healthcare system. Also, reports suggest that a good number of people follow social distancing and lockdown norms strictly.

Well, these states are always at the forefront of crisis management. The reason being their robust administrative model designed by the IAS cadres. We believe, in the coming days, their prowess could wade away Coronavirus from India.

Meanwhile, did you know Corona is yet to visit these countries?

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