What do I want to do the Most After COVID-19 Lockdown?

COVID-19 Lockdown
‘End of COVID-19 lockdown’ is what we want at this stage. But we have to wait for more time. During this, there are some activities we’re craving for.

The news emerges slowly in all states in India. An extended COVID-19 Lockdown period of two weeks across India is on the cards. Odisha, Punjab, Maharashtra and several others already did that. On the one hand, we all are enjoying time at home due to COVID-19. But on the other, we can’t buy certain things that would make us happy. Earlier last week, I had a discussion with some of my friends on What they want to buy first after the lockdown.

While some answered appropriately, some said, “I want to do things rather than shopping.” Well, I wish to consider both and here are some things which many in my circle wish to do after the lockdown. The sample size is very less, but the responses are similar to the common perspective.

Shopping- Alcohol

As mentioned first, you can very well presume most of the people who answered my query were guys. Of course folks, there are brutal drunkards in my friend list. They are waiting for things to settle down.

Shopping- Essentials (Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Eggs)

The number of responses was high for essentials next to alcohol. These are some homemakers and some fruit lovers as well as meat and egg lovers. Even though shops are open, they are in brutal isolation. One response caught my eye the most i.e. a girl said, “My dog is longing for proper brown eggs. I’ll first go buy that.”

Shopping- Mobile Phones

Here and there one or the other said, “I want a new mobile phone.” Yes, even I wish to have one. But I wish to ensure they were not made in China or USA. Surprisingly, the ones who gave this reply are Marvel fans. Tech-savvy isn’t it?

Shopping- Cosmetics

Cosmetics is a girl thing. To my astonishment, only a few girls chose cosmetics. A couple of guys said I want a new face wash, shaving gel/cream, Tan removal cream, Dark Spot Reduction cream and a lot more. Times are changing folks. Soon, we might see a change in gender behaviours (and that’s the worst disaster awaiting).

Shopping- Fitness (Tools & Whey Protein)

To some extent, I can take back what I said in the previous paragraph. Thanks to those fitness freaks in my good books who said, “I want new dumbbells. I want a new sweatshirt. I want a new bicycle and I want whey protein.” Thank you guys, whoever said this. Also, a girl said that she wants a new Yoga Mat.

Activities- Salon Visit

Yet again, some guys proved me wrong on what I said in the cosmetics section. And I agree with this option too. My hair is growing long, long and long. Soon, differentiating me and a Babaji like Sri Sri Ravishankar or Jaggi Vasudev or even Baba Ramdev will be tough. Every other guy faces the same problem. Therefore, open the salons soon!

Activities- Long Walk

Lastly, a long walk is what some people are longing for after the COVID-19 Lockdown. Man, sitting inside the apartment all day and reaching out to window/balcony to get some air sucks. Imagine what will happen to those having a small window at home (who I wish will be mentally stable after this fiasco).

What’s that you want to do after this COVID-19 lockdown? Mention them in the comments section. Before you jump to the next tab/window, go through some of the web series that I admired the most.

Image Courtesy: Image by michel kwan from Pixabay

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