Fear of Corona Virus in India

Corona Virus
Since the outbreak of Corona Virus in China, several feared India will be the next to catch up. In this fear, here are somethings we Indians are doing.

The Indian Government has reported 29 cases of Corona Virus which was a whopping jump from the 3 reported earlier. But the good news is, the 3 who were reportedly affected due to Corona seemed to have recovered. But 29 is a big number isn’t especially when we live in one of the most populous countries in the world. Even though, visibly there are no big threats seem to have surfaced and certainly no deaths taken place (in India), people are engulfed with fear of Corona Virus spreading. And fear is the most toxic thing in the world as it would make us do anything possible. Here are some things which is happening in our country as precautionary measures.

Mask Buying

Walk in the roads, travel by train/bus or even go shopping, everywhere you will see at least 2 out of 10 people wearing surgical masks. This fear is becoming more among school management across India as well. Several schools have apparently asked their students to wear masks and come to school. Obviously, that’s a precautionary measure to void spreading of Corona Virus. Some have gone a level high by asking them to buy a specific type of mask only. Well, what is more troubling to hear is, a student with a normal viral is asked to stay home till he/she recovers. Well, rather than asking students to do everything, they can bother to keep the school surrounding clean. No wonder they have always kept their records clean by blaming the student.  

Home Remedy Sharing

Well, India is a land of solution providers. At the corner street, you’ll find at least 2 people offering solutions for something or the other. Now with Whatsapp, Facebook and other platforms to promote subject matter experts in large numbers have come up with suggestions. Some have said having Chyawanprash as the best practice to prevent Corona Virus. Some even said that avoid street food, wash your hands well before eating and the classic- have lots of water. Please note, having lots of water will have two major implications- 1. You becoming water addicted and facing certain death and 2. Water scarcity.  

Work from Home

Several companies have asked their employees to work from home until this issue settles. Good part is, this is going to stay indefinite and all those employees can have a good time home in the name of Work from Home. This is more prevalent in Bengaluru and Hyderabad now. Very soon, we hope this will spread to other cities in India as well.

Namaste over Handshake

We social media campaign is going viral i.e. Namaste over Handshake. Well, this is a good step promoting our culture, but even a handshake will not cause trouble unless and otherwise you’re shaking hands with the infected person. Shaking hands with such will be impossible because they all are already been taken under isolation.

Well, these are some things which I have visibly seen happening elsewhere in our country. There are several other facts as well on which I need to make a thorough research before publishing. While, I do that, you folks can read some interesting facts on a social entrepreneurship venture, Rangashay.

Image Courtesy: Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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