Immunity Building Measures for Individuals to Prevent Coronavirus?

Dr Sadaf Ulde is a sought after homoeopathic consultant in Mumbai. She is sharing some ways to tackle COVID-19 i.e. Immunity Boosting for individuals.

So much is spoken about Coronavirus today. Social distancing is taken much more seriously by many people. But until we have medicine available in the market, we cannot be sure about our safety. What we fail to understand is, even without a drug or a vaccine, we can ensure safety of ours as well as our dear ones.

Dr Sadaf Ulde, a homoeopathic consultant says, building your immunity is the key to prevent yourselves from COVID-19. She is giving some knowledge to all of us on building your immunity from within to fight Corona.

Here is the knowledge on Building Immunity in her own words.

Dr Sadaf Ulde

We have always heard of this saying but have always failed to act upon it. For long we humans have been neglecting our health. We have taken our gift of health and life for granted. The pandemic is an eye-opener that how much our body needs a healthy state of mind and body. Health is not just the absence of physical signs and symptoms or absence of disease or infirmity. It is a balanced state of physical, mental and spiritual state.

We all can be in a balanced state and that will help or immune system to grow stronger. In turn, it can help us fight any illness or disease. The immune system is our strongest defense against any illness. They are soldiers safeguarding our body from various bacteria, viruses and parasites we come across. Our immune system is constantly interacting with our various systems of the body like our hormones and Nervous system. They play a vital role in tissue regeneration and hence protect our body. We can make our immune system stronger by making good changes in our system.

What are the different ways of keeping away from illness?

Proper Nutrition

A balanced diet that meets all your nutrition requirements of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, calcium, and essential minerals. The faulty lifestyle either we consume a particular group of food in excess causing the major problem that the world is facing Obesity or we go on FAD diets and undernourishing ourselves leading to malnutrition or deficiency.

Sometimes the socio-economic and culture influences our diet and can lead to either obesity or malnutrition and both these conditions can affect our immune system. Including in your diet things like Amla, Vitamin D and C Supplements, fresh fruits and vegetables, a good meal with a different colour on the plate can be helpful. Turmeric is known to have healing properties and a major spice in Indian recipes and a known grandmother recipe for simple flu.

Rest and Sleep

Sleep deprivation can affect both innate immunity and active immunity. One of the major detrimental things you can do to your immunity is by depriving yourself of adequate rest and sleep.

Balanced State of Mind

In the state of stress, our body releases Cortisol, a hormone that is at a certain level is useful by our bodily function. Now when our body is in a constant state of stress this hormone segregates in excess in our body and now this can be a trouble for our immune system. An excess of stress reduces our WBC count and hence makes our system prone to more and more infection, they will weaken our defense and hence we get prone to infection. Science has time and again listed a number of illnesses caused by Stress for example – Psoriasis, Lupus, Arthritis, Asthma, Heart Attack, PCOS, etc.

Hence a balanced state of mind is most important to stay healthy and have our strong defense system. Therefore, practices like meditation and yoga or any form of physical activity or hobby in your daily or weekly schedule can ensure the building of your immune system. Often our media, social channels and people in our environment may bombard you with a lot of negativity. Of course, you may get carried away in this negativity disturbing your sense of well being. But that’s the time that one needs to find for things that makes a person happy and positive. A positive mind can have a positive state of health. Also, it can hence utilize himself or herself for the upliftment of others and society.

Hygienic Practices

Simple community health practice of health and respiratory hygiene can help us and others in societies. A simple thing how often do you spit or throw on roads, for some its a hobby. Imagine what message and imprints we leave on our mother earth. Is this how we treat our mother and people who are going to use the same locality? Simple hygienic measures can save ourself, family and community at large from various dangerous illness.

Holistic Healthcare

For a long time, we have been blindly popping up pills. Sometimes it burdens our system too. Yes, with a lot of drugs and antibiotics most of the organism has developed resistance from all the antibiotics. We have a various system of medicine that is traditional and can help us build our immunity. One of the natural holistic systems of medicine is Homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is one of the safest modes of treatment that helps treat colds, coughs, and flu when they are in full stream, but it can also be used as a preventative to help boost your immune system and improve your general health so that you become less susceptible to picking up “all that is going around”.

Homoeopathy being a holistic mode of treatment it also can help you in handling your stress, individualized treatment can help you understand the cause of the illness and treat the disease from the root cause and hence make your immune system stronger. You can consult a homoeopathic doctor even if you don’t have a major illness but feel stressed out easily and something bothering you emotionally. Either way, homoeopathy brings a balance in both your mind and body.

Well, these are some of the countermeasures to prevent COVID-19 on an individual level. If we all follow the same on an individual level, we can maintain a healthy environment in our nation. As citizens, that’s the best we can do to each other.

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