NRI Chaiwala – A Desi Initiative by an NRI Who Gave Up His Green Card

Jagdish Kumar, the erstwhile NRI Chaiwala is a Hotelier with two decades of experience. Here is a glimpse of his startup- NRI Chaiwala and its desi attire

A hotelier from New Zealand having an experience of 20 years in the industry returned to India with a dream of having a cup of tea with our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mr. Jagdish Kumar, a follower of Modi Ji, sacrificed his green card and came back to India in December 2018. Here he started his own business of selling chai.

Started from the scratch of selling usual tea, he then started a brand named Chotu Chaiwalah serving 35 variants of tea like Adrak Elaichi Vali chai, Cutting chai, Kadak chai, tandoori chai, etc and their most popular varieties with quirky names like- Mummy Ke Hath Wali Chai, Mardo Wali Chai , Corporate Wali Chai and Dosto Wali Chai are what makes it a unique point of attraction.

NRI Chaiwala also introduced a variety of teas what one could never even think of. Here are some of the most appropriated teas by Jagdish. Immunity Booster chai which surely is super important to know about in todays time. Then comes the Yog Maya Chai( made with 35 herbs n spices) which is made of 35 herbs and spices.

Just one cup of Yog Maya Chai awards you similar benefits as a good yoga session. Nirogya Chai is another kind of tea that Jagdish introduced. As the name suggests, regular consumption of Nirogya Chai can shield you from more than 30 illnesses.

Last but not the least, Kids Chai. This is surely something no one can ever think of but tea maestro, Jagdish. As kids today want to be treated as adults, Jagdish came up with the idea of Kids Chai which is a 100% health and immunity booster drink and no use of tea leaves is done.

After receiving quite an applaud for his work in this sector, he started his own company named Corpbite under which he opened multiple food brands like Chotu Chaiwalah, Chaat House, Unlimited 24, Motulal Bhaturewala and more since the year 2018.

Inspired from Modi and his journey, he wishes to meet him one day over a cup of tea and associate with his startup mission to make youngsters aware about the ‘Make In India’ campaign and realise it’s potential and guide them to grow a business under it’s concept.

Who knew that just someone who flew back from NewZealand, gave up his green card would be well known as nothing but NRI Chaiwala. Chai Pe Charcha is now taking a new dimension. Also, read something on a teen entrepreneur initiative.

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