No Mass Mask Buying Please!!!

Mask Corona Virus
Everywhere mask buying is quite rampant. But unless you tested positive to Corona, you need not wear one. Here are some facts to support this.

2020 has not started on a good note and the spread of Corona Virus is quite sufficient enough to support this fact. Well, I’m no expert to sit and analyze why the thought process of the people are that way. Rather I tend to look at what is happening around me (mask buying) and understand why it happens so. In my last blog, I spoke about the things we Indians are doing so far scaring the spread of Corona Virus.

Now, I wish to speak upon a practice which is very well prevalent not only in India but across the globe. All tom, dick and harry are reaching out to a mask. Only if a mask manufacturer was listed on a stock market that scrip would’ve sky-rocketed. But on a serious note people, wearing masks is really not going to keep you away from Corona Virus. Here are some reasons why everyone shouldn’t wear a mask according to my brief online search and basic understanding.

Make it Available for the Infected

Imagine, you go to a commonplace with 5 people and you tested positive for Corona. If you go without a mask and sneeze without covering your mouth and nose, you will probably spread it to everyone in the surrounding. Whether they wear masks or not, really doesn’t count. The virus can reach inside you by any means.

Therefore, the mass population buying masks frequently will mean a shortage of masks for the infected ones. Moreover, the ones working in hospitals and visiting hospitals will definitely need one. Of all, this is the best reason why you shouldn’t buy a mask if you’re not sick.

Mass Manufacturing of Mask Can be from China

China is the place of mass manufacturing. Whether it is a bolt, nut, screw, torchlight or even the loveliest Apple iPhones. They all come from China and all countries do get it to cut costs to a large extent. They have the scale to manufacture for the world population and a strong supply chain network to let products reach to anywhere around the world on time. Well, there is a good argument that several countries have banned ships and flight traffic to China, but when the Virus began to spread, several of them were still in touch with the mainland. Ships were operated and flights were functional. Hence there is a good possibility of infection spreading through that way. Another good reason for us to stop buying masks, right?

Mental Fear Aggravates

Well, you might not this is not essential. But this is how it works. We are all humans. When we see people doing something and realize we ain’t doing the same, a sense of fear prevails. Eventually, we end up following the herd. But as we all do, a sense of negativity will prevail and even if you’re not prone to the virus, you’ll end up getting it. Fine, you may not have accepted this fact. Allow me to explain it in a separate blog over the coming week.

All I wish to say is don’t buy masks and wear them unless you’re sick and infected by Corona. Meanwhile, deviate your thoughts and read my review of the web series The Forgotten Army by Kabir Khan. Let me get you a valid explanation for the third reason.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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