Home Workouts Made Simple

Home Workouts can be boring. But if you have the right trainer to guide, even the simplest of things can be your weapon to burn calories. Here they are

Since 20 March, I haven’t used my dumbbells. Rather, I do more of Pushups, dips and other shoulder exercises that don’t involve weight lifting. Yet, shoulders without dumbbells feel incomplete. I reached out to my trainer and he told me some hacks to make my home workouts feel complete. And yes, he was right. Here are some of those hacks in which I replaced dumbbells.


This was the best among all suggestions I got from him. When I said, “Yaar, I so want to do biceps and triceps.” He asked, “Don’t worry. Do you have bricks at home?” I searched my balcony and found two which the previous tenant had left and said, “Yes! I do.”

He said, “That is your dumbbell. Use it!”

Cool isn’t it. Now I feel much complete. Yet, I felt these bricks aren’t large enough and my hands get clumsy with dust. Therefore, I went to the second option he gave.

Dining Table Chairs

“If at all you feel bricks aren’t working well and easing your home workouts, reach out to your dining table and grab the chairs. But only if those chairs are small or medium-sized, ” he told me. Luckily, my dining table chairs were small enough to do so. Moreover, I got a proper grip and I had the best feel of lifting something.

Yet, doing triceps was a challenge. “What else other than this, ” I asked.

“I can give you two more good options, ” he said.


If there is a hammer at home, your home workouts will give you the best results. If you bother to continue workouts at home, hammers will become your best friend forever. You get the right feel of working out with a dumbbell and in fact better in my opinion. Only thing, hammers are not as heavy as a dumbbell, unless you work for an ironsmith.

Even though biceps gave some results, triceps still required something better. Therefore, I reached out to the 10 KG Kadai made of bronze lying in our loft. Along with that, I took some other vessels

Kadai & Antique Vessels

Performing triceps was much more simple when I used a Kadai and another vessel made of bronze. They weighed nearly 10 KG and I could comfortably do my biceps and other home workouts too. What else can I ask people? I’ve got the best gym equipment. Thanks to COVID-19 and the extended lockdown.

Well, I’m still exploring some of the other equipment at home such as rods, threads to name a few. In the coming days, allow me to come up with some new ideas. Thanks to my trainer Rehman for giving me such great gyaan during the lockdown period. By the way, he is now the father of a beautiful baby girl. Wish him, guys! Also, I heard these countries haven’t seen Coronavirus yet. Check it out.

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