Current trends in medical staff training at NIIMS

With the ongoing pandemic scenario, NIIMS is now following the current trends in medical staff training. Read further to know more

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can get the best treatment and care.

Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences [NIIMS] in order to serve at a functional level and to cope with the present situation across the Country with the deadly outbreak of Coronavirus Pandemic, have opted the current trends of training their medical staff in the social platforms through various methods, right from the basic hand washing techniques till the major protective measures to be taken during the preventive and curative care. where each department of the hospital has initiated, participated and conducted workshops on handling Covid 19 patients with informative sessions from renowned experts in the field of medical & healthcare.

At NIIMS, the basic and the general facility which is accessible for all patients including affected by Covid 19. Patients with isolation wards are equipped with sophisticated and latest instruments for providing the best medical and nursing care. 

As the pace of technological changes quicken, their medical fraternity are being trained to keep up with the right skills to thrive which is applied to both technical and soft skills at NIIMS. The medical and paramedical staff are the key role players and today’s heroes serving in the frontline during this pandemic, they have been so dedicated and willing to serve and support the medical system day and night at NIIMS which is beyond measures. They have also given the basic training and have provided all the necessary protective kits to all the medical and non-medical staff working on the premises with the quarantine facilities for both the patients and staff. 

Teach and practice, practice, and teach- That is all we have; that is all we are good for; that is all we ever ought to be. By having this motto at NIIMS they are rendering the best patient care.

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