Dinner at Souk, Taj Mumbai

A dinner at Taj is more than a privilege for an average person like me. But my respect for the same went high when I visited this place for the first time.

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Isn’t it a big deal to tell people that you had dinner at Taj? Of course, it is! A day before the New Year of 2019, I decided to treat myself with the Taj Luxury and headed to the erstwhile hotel. My basic search on the internet listed some specific restaurants such as Shamiana, Masala Kraft and Souk. Mediterranean cuisine has always intrigued me and I never had the chance to have it. Fortunately, Souk was offering all the Mediterranean delights I was looking for.

Just an hour later, I got to reach Taj and definitely didn’t miss the chance to click a selfie outside the gate. When I was trying to figure out where is Souk, one of the Hotel person stepped forward and asked, “How can I help you, sir?”

All I said was, “Souk!” 

“It is on the 12th floor sir, ” he responded diligently. Well, that’s the Taj luxury I thought. 

I went through the elevator which took me to the 12th and the elevator itself represented the grandeur that Taj is known for.

Stepping out, all I could see was a two-seater table beside the window, which pulled me towards it. Even before the waiters could say, please wait till we could clean it. Sitting on the top floor of Taj and looking at the Arabian Sea as well as viewing the Gateway of India from the top is a delight. Nothing else matters, right?

Looking at the menu, there was one thing that got my eyeballs rolling i.e. Lebanese Pizza. While the waiter tried to explain what it is, I said, “Just bring it.”

He smiled and rushed to get me the one. Then he asked me, “Would you like to have some drinks, sir?”

“Suggest a good one, ” I said.

“Asahi, Japanese Beer, ” is all he said.

I could just do nothing but to have it. The bottle and the glass looked sparkling. For a moment, I was already high with the thoughts of having the best beer at Taj. 

All I realized was, all Beer is the same. Anyhow, I must be an Alcoholic Connoisseur to see the uniqueness of the Beer, but nothing. Although, it did taste smooth and soothing to the tongue compared to the rest. 

Then came my Lebanese Pizza. All I could recollect was the time before I had. My happy high went to the next level. How can pizza be soft, smooth, crispy and not so cheesy? In short, perfect is the word. But that is not enough to explain the Pizza. Such a lovely delight it was.

I kept asking for the same. Twice, thrice and at last for the 5th time. By the time I finished the 5th, the waiter stepped forward and asked, “Why don’t you try some Aushak?”

Hell, I know what it is, but I’m in Taj. It must be a good treat like my Lebanese Pizza. So Aushak reached my table. But the tangy flavours disappointed me. I did take a while to finish it.

For one last time, the waiter said, “Sir if you don’t have any orders, we’ll close it and get you the bill.”

Only then I realized, I was eating beyond their time and making all of them wait for me. Yes, I was the only one. 

Guilty, I felt. Only because, I have to enjoy Taj food, I made them all wait. But they never complained. They served me happily. 

My love for Taj grew higher and higher with that experience. All I could do is to write this review explaining the godly treatment I had.

Also, you must know, godly treatment comes with a cost. So be ready to shell out one-third of your salary if you want to go here. But you’ll never go elsewhere once you come here.

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