Monster Pizza challenge at La-pinoz’s Noida Sec 104

La-pinoz has come up with a Monster Pizza Challenge. Are you ready for it Noida folks. If so, do visit La-pinoz at Sector 104

Do you share an intimate relationship with pizza? Want to take it to the next level? La Pino’z Pizza in sector-104, Noida got just the thing for you! The city is so many things to so many people, however, if there’s one thing that stands out for outsiders then it has to be the food. You can have some of the most delicious and mouth watering food in Noida, available both in high-end restaurants and on streets. Its the diverse flavours of the city that keeps it together. Something that everyone in the city loves from the bottom their heart is the pizza! 

With a number of outlets of around it is tough for the people to decide where to pick their slice from but La Pinoz Pizza, sector-104 has always been a number one choice. The variety of pizza base, toppings, cheese and a whole new range of fusion pizzas like the Mughlai Delight, African Peri Peri, Chicken Karhai Tikka, Spanish Sizzle, Chicken Tikka Lababdar and more makes people want to visit here more and keep trying the innovative pizzas! The eatery, a pizza lover’s paradise, can punish the glutton within you with its very own Monster Pizza Challenge. 

Imagine a huge 24 inch pizza with  four succulent toppings in front of you which looks so drool worthy that you want to eat it all, but in 30 minutes! To make it easy for you, they allow you can take up the challenge with a companion. 

Push your limit to the point where every bite brings you closer to Nirvana. Awaken the inner glutton in you with this crazy challenge you probably don’t want to miss on. Game on Food Lovers.

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