Why Mondegar Cafe is the Best for a Solo Hangout?

Solo Hangout
Solo Hangout can be greek and latin to many. But it is nothing but venturing out on your own. Here is my solo hangout gig at Mondegar Cafe.

COVID-19 has made me stay at home for a longer period in Chennai. Even though I have no regrets, I still miss my new home- Bombay. It has been three years since I went there and not even a single day, I felt homesick. I always felt as if I own it. One fine Sunday morning, I woke by 9 AM and went to Marine Drive straight to have a leisure sauntering or I must say Solo Hangout.

After a while (around 10.30 AM), I walked towards Gateway of India and while passing through, I saw Cafe Mondegar. I’m not seeing it or hearing it for the first time though. Colleagues in the workplace and roommates at PG, everybody spoke about it. Now, I felt is the time I should explore food here (as part of my solo hangout exercise).

Contrary to the fact of, always busy with people flowing, Mondegar is free on Sunday late mornings. All tables are occupied whenever you go. Football match running on the Television and half the tables empty was quite fulfilling to see.

This first impression was enough to impress me. The next good factor was the straight forward menu and the variety of English breakfast options. Perhaps, there are many such restaurants offering the same. Yet, this is the first I get to look at. I chose to have the simple one and it reached my table in some time.

Be it the portion or the taste or in terms of totality, everything was just good to the palette. Moreover, they serve drinks as well. I remember someone earlier said that a French Omelette and Beer is the typical breakfast for expats living around Gateway. I never got to found one.

When I looked at the rate card, I did feel it is a bit expensive. But looking at other restaurants in the neighborhood, I must say this is rightly priced. Leopold Cafe for instance is overrated and overpriced and this in my opinion.

Also, in terms of service, Leopold’s customer service after customer walk-in is long. But the same is Mondegar is less. Someone or the other is quick enough to attend the customer and ensure food is in the table from a minimal time.

Considering all these factors, I must say Mondegar is the best place for a perfect Sunday Breakfast. This suffices when you give importance to your own time. Listening to my solo restaurant visits, a friend once said, “The one who can go to restaurants alone, can do anything on their own.”

She is right folks. I can do anything on my own. Are you the one like me? Then keep watching this place and feed your solo pleasures. Also, please read some of my web series reviews.

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