Noida International University join hands with Uzbekistan Government

Noida International University joins hands with Uzbekistan Government signed an MoU to facilitate the growth of the Education Sector

With the right kind of knowledge, education and experience, you can accomplish almost everything you have ever wanted in your professional career. Though there has been an impressive growth in the education sector worldwide, education yet remains to be an expensive affair. 

Irrespective of this, a majority of Indian families strive to gather the required finance to be able to provide their child with a rich quality education. Some send their children abroad to study, while some enrol him/her in the top educational institutes of the country. Many however wish to acquire education from foreign universities only, but due to varied reasons fail to do so.

Noida International University, one of the most renowned and modern universities in NCR has joined hands with the Government of Uzbekistan. On ‪the 25th September 2020, The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan along with a number of other high ranking officials from the Government and BSMI are sighing an MoU with Noida International University virtually. ‬
‪With the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding on Wednesday, a roadmap will be introduced for the year 2020-2022.

In the roadmap, NIU and BSMI plans to achieve 10 goals, together. After the signing, joint faculty programs will be introduced for MBBS and also the dual degree programs wherein the students can study for two degree courses at a time. Student exchange programs, medical tourism, joint research programs and many new courses will be introduced at NIU, India and BSMI, Uzbekistan. Other than all these brilliant initiatives, there will be a NIU campus introduced at BSMI. ‬

This partnership between Noida International University and the government of Uzbekistan will not just be beneficial to both the organisations but also the countries and the students in both the countries. With all the joint activities and exchange programs, theek will be flow of culture, knowledge and ideas. The students will get an international study experience while staying in India and paying just the same fee. The kind of exposure the partnership will provide to the students of both the states is unbeatable.

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