COVID-19 Appropriate Behaviours for everyone to Follow

The 2nd wave of the pandemic is causing more chaos. In this blog, Parvathi, a media person is listing some COVID-19 Appropriate behaviours for all.

All of us have heard enough and more about the COVID-19, which started off as any other viral attack, but boomed haphazardly to become a global pandemic. Each day, a new strain or mutant of COVID-19 virus erupts throwing unprecedented and unanticipated challenges towards us.

Each one of us are now aware of the COVID-19 appropriate behaviors, but I thought it would be good to reinforce it one more time, just so we are constantly reminded about the same.

  • When it comes to the first and foremost point in fighting the pandemic, as simple as it may sound, the doctors recommend washing your hands regularly. Staying at home and simply washing your hands is not necessary. However, if you go outside, have a surface contact, it is recommended you wash your hands.
  • Carry a bottle of sanitizer with you, so that wherever possible you can use it. There are lot of sanitizer hooks that you can hang on to your bag that will keep reminding you to use the sanitizer.
  • Only if there is a need, travel, else enjoy the luxury of staying at home. Usage of Face masks/ face shields, gloves and the like is necessary when you travel outside. There are millions of unsung heroes who are fighting against the virus, protecting us, so it is our duty to travel only when it is absolute necessity.
  • Wearing the mask appropriately is a recommended norm. If you are using a disposable mask, dispose it hygienically. If you are using a reusable mask, change it after 8 hours, or when it is damp/wet/humid.
  • If you want to cough, remove your mask, use a kerchief and cover your mouth. Incase you do not have a kerchief, then use your bent elbow to cough. Washing your hands after the cough is recommended.
  • Sanitize the frequently accessed spots in your surroundings. Maintaining a good environmental hygiene is very important for fighting the deadly pandemic.
  • Social distancing with your fellow beings is very important. Atleast 6 feet of distance is recommended so that even if you are an unknown carrier of the virus, the other person can stay safe; or vice versa.
  • The best is to stay at home, but if you need to go out, please greet your friends/family without any physical contact.
  • Do not chew tobacco, or spit on the road unnecessarily. By doing this, you are aiding the virus to grow and not helping to curb it.
  • Be a responsible citizen and do not forward messages/text/images/videos that might be fake. This causes panic attacks for certain people.
  • Never discriminate a COVID-19 victim. This puts in a great deal of stress for the person who is already fighting for his/her life. Try to offer emotional comfort, which would help them come out of the viral attack.
  • If you or your friends/family face any psychological issue, get in touch with the required professionals immediately.  With the rise in anxiety, stress and anger, it is highly recommended you take care of your mental health as well.
  • Last but not the least, when you see even a slightest symptom in yourself/ your immediately family, get it checked, rather than following any home remedies.  

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Parvathi Gopinath

Parvathi is a media professional with nearly 10 years of experience in media and writing. In these years, she has worked with leading organizations such as Radaan Media Works, Sankara TV, RTT NEWS INDIA to name a few. Conceptualization, Strategy, Execution and Development are her areas of expertise.

Feature Image Courtesy: André Santana AndreMS from Pixabay

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