21 Days Lockdown- Shops Open in Chennai

21 Days Lockdown
The 21 Days Lockdown in India is a welcome measure, but buying essentials is slowly becoming a challenge. Here are some shops that are open in Chennai.

COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our daily lives quite badly. Well, doesn’t mean that we roam around happily and penetrate the virus spread. It is quite safe and that is what Prime Minister Narendra Modi insisted on his 8 PM speech 2 days ago. On this 21 days lockdown, Prime Minister also assured that there will be no shortage of essentials.

And yes, he has kept up his word and we can see milk reaching our doorsteps and newspapers reaching our doorsteps as usual. But essentials buying is still a challenge. A week before, people already fled to supermarkets and grabbed everything possible they can and a week later they are going to be short of resources. It doesn’t mean that all the shops are shut. Some are functioning and some even pledge to deliver at your doorstep.

Well, currently I’m staying at my parent’s place in Abhiramapuram, Chennai. Based on that, I took a count of shops open in and around Mylapore (Abhiramapuram, R A Puram, Mylapore & Mandaveli). Also, some of them are available in Pondy Bazaar, which is based on the information my friend gave. For your perusal, I have hyperlinked the Google location of the store in H2.

Caution: Well, the purpose of this blog is to facilitate emergency buying i.e. only if in case your run out of stocks. Tentatively, some of them have a home delivery option as well, which means you need not step out. Even if you step out, ensure you maintain social distancing and don’t touch common surfaces.

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This is quite a well-known store in this locality. People living in Alwarpet, Mylapore and the localities surrounding them. They also have a home delivery option, but this could be ruled out given the condition now. This is a proper provision store offering a range of pulses, staples, water cans and a lot more. Get in touch with them in case of urgent need.

Apollo Pharmacy, Pondy Bazaar

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Sanitizers and handwash liquids were in high demand. hand sanitizers have always been greek and latin for our population. All of a sudden, they are in very high demand. Thanks to this pandemic outbreak. If you’re short of handwash or sanitizers or even soaps for that matter. Sanitary pads for women, Diapers for babies etc. will be possibly available at Apollo Pharmacy, Pondy Bazaar.

Organic Shandy, Luz Church Road

You might not have an eye for organic products due to budget constraints. But if that’s among very few options you have, you don’t want to miss them. Organic Shandy at Luz Church Road offers organic products and vegetables. They have a good combination of millets based powders with which you can make Porridge and similar food. They have organic fruits and vegetables which are a little bit expensive to buy. But it is worth buying at this point in time. Also, they have an e-commerce portal to order stuff online. Therefore, you don’t have to step out of your home during this 21 days lockdown period.

GIRI Trading, Mylapore

We all know Giri Trading as a place to buy incense sticks, camphor, brass idols, bronze idols, wooden mandaps, etc. Precisely, anything meant for your worshipping purposes at home is available at GIRI. Well, I don’t have to tell you all about the same. But what I can tell you is, GIRI has pledged to deliver products at home i.e. even essentials such as Rice, Lentils to name a few.

These are some places that are open at this time of crisis. We have to use them accordingly and ensure we do not put their lives in jeopardy as well by stepping out to buy only if we are running out of stocks. This 21 days lockdown will ensure zero community spread of COVID-19 virus in our country. While the nation has so much in stake, as citizens we need to abide by the rules.

Also, I will be publishing blogs on shops Open in different cities. Keep looking at this space for more updates.

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Image Courtesy: Food vector created by macrovector – www.freepik.com

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