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In a discussion with Thought Habitat, WaterScience Co-Founder – Pavithra Rao is talking about the concept behind WaterScience filters and the roadmap.

WaterScience is a coming of the age startup venture that focuses on purifying non-drinking water. By doing so, they believe that certain skin conditions caused by unfiltered water can be reduced. WaterScience develops Shower Filters, Tap Filters, washing machine filters, kitchen tap filters, and filters for the whole house primarily apart from Aromatherapy Shower Filter and Water Saving Nozzle. 

In a discussion with Thought Habitat, WaterScience Co-Founder – Pavithra Rao is talking about the concept behind WaterScience filters and the roadmap for the company.

Water filtration is often a questionable process in today’s world. How is WaterScience justifying the innovation through filters?

Water filtration is an established process for drinking water. Water across the country has the following contaminants usually- hardness, sediments, chlorine ( in the case of treated water), iron- their concentration varies with the location. At WaterScience we develop filters for different types of water present across the country. We make water saving shower filters as well, which helps in conserving water, reducing the strain on the available water supply across the country.

With filters in bath showers does WaterScience promise reduction in hair fall and other skin conditions?

An upgrade in water quality leads to a few changes- hard water salts deposit less on hair/scalp & skin, leading to reduced hair fall and improved skin. Hard water also prevents hair products from working effectively, leading to soap/residue buildup. Using bath filters eliminates this issue. Hairfall may be caused due to a variety of conditions ( diet, sleep, stress, water, medications etc) and WaterScience bath filters promise an upgrade in water quality, which is an important piece in the hairfall puzzle.

Your sales during the pandemic increased. Would you like to explain further on the shift in consumer demand?

The pandemic brought to light the importance of hygiene and the quality of our environment. With more people staying at home, there was greater focus on the quality of water available across different points in the home- for the kitchen, bath, appliances etc.

We also launched some new products during the lockdown, which led to an increased revenue. Additionally a shift from offline to online sales helped as we are an online-first brand. As the country is opening back up, we are gearing up to increase our footprint in the offline space as well.

What’s the roadmap for WaterScience and sustainability in Water consumption?

In the immediate future we are planning to 1) Increase the range of products in the categories we are present in 2) Expand to adjacent categories 3) Increase footprint across offline space 4) Explore international sales. Our target is to reach 100 crore in the next couple of years.

Keep watching this space to learn more about such innovative startups.

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