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The Greed Lobh, yet another cutting edge OTT release of the year in now streaming online. Never miss the opportunity to watch it.

“The Greed Lobh” is a film based on a common man’s life, how he wanted to become a millionaire, but for that, he chooses the wrong path. This film is Written and Directed by Ssreyashi Choudharry as she is debuting with this film, she is very excited to share the poster and trailer of the film. Actor Summiit Choudharry and Roshni Sahota play the main protagonist.

Note: Director and writer Ssreyashi Chaudhary was nine-month pregnant when we started the shoot of our film The Greed Lobh says, Summit Chaudhary

The Poster and trailer of the movie will give you the taste of the hard truth of your life, which can be relatable. Though it is just a teeny glimpse of the film, there is a lot more to watch out for. To know more of the story you have to watch the film which is streaming on Mx player.

The Director of the film provided an interesting insight into the film “ we have started our journey 3 years ago, but there were some unusual things happen, we have stopped the film, later we decided to resume the movie again and that time I was nine months pregnant.

With this movie there are lots of emotions that are connected, every single star cast in the film has given their 100% and in the end, we got the result. The movie has a message for everyone from all age groups. It explains the true meaning of success. Says Ssreyashi Choudharry’

Apart from Summiit Choudharry and Roshni Sahota, there are some exceptional performances from Kuldeep Singh, Priya Soni, Nandan Mishra, and Annapurna V Bhairi to be watched. The movie is Produced under the banner of Perfecctio Entertainment.

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