This restauranteur in Delhi makes sure none of the needy folks sleeps with empty stomach

Amid the ongoing pandemic, owner of The High Energy Bar in Delhi is making sure that none of the needy sleeps with an empty stomach

Covid-19 pandemic has surrendered over a million people worldwide with countries receiving redressal and preventive measures including nationwide lockdown hitting poorest the hardest with no essential inventory to fall upon.

The avenues of Delhi in the course of recent days have been barren put something aside for lines of vagrants and transient specialists wanting to take care of themselves through langars and feeding drives. Even though the lockdown has been lifted and the there is nothing that the upper middle class are facing problems about, there are still some people in Delhi NCR that strive for even one meal in a day.

However there are some restauranteurs from the NCR who are truly disturbed by the people dying of hunger each day in the pandemic. These restaurant owners have pledged to feed as much homeless and needy people as possible even if their respective restaurants haven’t yet recovered from havoc caused by the pandemic. They are contributing to feed the homeless and poor at each level.

Shivam Sehgal, owner of Josh-The High Energy Bar and The Market Place in Delhi, has contributed with several NGOs and are helping them with all the nourishment needs. “I have been doing this for about 3-4 years now and it gives me immense pleasure to see the grin on the faces of people while taking meals from us. I will never miss an opportunity to serve these people specially during these times when they need our help the most.” He says.

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