First-of-its-kind Shield for Real Estate buyers by Bullmen Realty India

Bullmen Realty is all set to protect real estate buyers with its first-of-its-kind Shield Initiative. Wondering what it is? Read further.

In the first-of-its-kind step in the real estate sector, Bullmen Realty India has come out to the rescue of property seekers who find it difficult to trust the project they are trusting. India’s best property portal has launched a campaign ‘Bullmen Guarantee Offer’ that provides a shield to the customers against any wrongdoing. The shield is intended to safeguard the investment as Bullmen Realty India will ensure that the developer return double the money of the buyer if the developer fails to deliver the project.

With this campaign, Bullmen Realty India is bringing more transparency to the sector, which was mired with controversies because of the misdoings of a handful few. The company is one of the top-notch real estate consulting firms in India that has already blown the trumpet of success many times in the past.

Launching the shield offer, Ankush Jain, MD, Bullmen Realty India, said, “This has never been done in the history of Indian real estate brokerage. At a time when people are showing trust in real estate assets, we have taken it as our responsibility that they should not face any hurdle to achieve the dream. Over the years we have seen the investment of people getting stuck in bad projects or projects that did not see the light of the day. Understanding the problem from a buyer’s point of view we have come out with this guarantee, which will ensure that buyer’s investment is safe.”

Under this shield, Bullmen Realty India will take it upon itself to provide all information related to the project to the buyers. It will check the projects on four parametres — NOCs, background check of developers, quality of construction, or compliance or RERA.

“Most of the cases happen as the buyer is misinformed or not informed at all. The problem also happens because of the lack of knowledge of buyers regarding various compliances and the time it takes to streamline everything. With this Shield, buyers will be equipped with all the info and it will safeguard them from any mishap,” added Mr.Jain.

The company is offering to help the customers in understanding the projects in which they are interested in. “We will check the project about which the caller is inquiring about based on the four parameters that we have set. We will help the customers to make an informed decision and ensure that they do not fall in the clutches of a bad investment.”

The company was incorporated in 2015 by CEO and MD, Mr Ankush Jain, with the sole purpose of providing best-in-class and cost-effective real estate properties for our valuable clients. “Purchasing a property is one of the toughest jobs for the clients, and requires expert advice, site visits, and legal assistance. Hence, our sales experts research everything on your behalf to bring the best property deal for you. With the current campaign we have taken the assurance a notch higher,” says Jain.

Apart from offering real estate expertise, Bullmen Realty India provides a comprehensive guide to the property documentation process and financial services to make your property buying journey a memorable affair of life.

Well, if you’re buying home in the near future, don’t forget to consult Bullmen Realty. Also, read something on what seasoned realtors had to say about the Pandemic Effects and the new normal.

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