Gauri Varma – the woman behind the success of G’s Patisserie & Confect

Chef Gauri, the corporate chef at G’s Patisserie and owner of Confect is arguably creating the most artistic fusion experiments in the world of bakery.

From a B-School Graduate via Oxford University and working with corporates (London, Mumbai & New Delhi) for 10 subsequent years now to a successful Owner & Corporate Chef at G’s Patisserie and Confect.  She is a food innovationist, one who boldly experimented and created something phenomenally exceptional in the respective industry. 

Gauri Varma is the woman behind the uniquely innovative and widely popular G’s Patisserie. Her  immense love for bakery and inclination towards hospitality motivated her to pursue her own venture by the name of Confect. Having tried and tested several of the sugar paste brands available in the market, and being exasperated with all the quality issues that came with product inconsistencies & seasonal differences, she decided to work on a solution. 365 days, over 400 attempts and a crash course in food technology later led to the inception of Confect. It’s safe to say that Confect is the culmination of a product but of love, grit & determination to find a better, more suitable alternative. Through this brand’s offerings, she has managed to get the variety of cake accessories all under one roof successfully. 

Her experience speaks of her skill set, a sportsman & foodie at heart Gauri’s academic history specializes mainly in commerce and business studies. Having previous associations with one of the most iconic brands in the world today one can assure her determination and enthusiasm towards her company G’s Patisserie and the brand underneath i.e Confect. 

Proceeding through her professional journey, she has been more varied with a span across the food and beverages, entertainment, retail, electronic and consulting industries having acquired her commerce degree from LSR & completing masters one from Said Business School, Oxford University, Gauri joined Deloitte in London as a seasoned consultant specializing in retail, supply chain, operations and Human capital. Later her return in India, led her to work on various strategic aspects with brands like Calvin Klein, French Connection, Guess, Nautica, Accessorize, Debenhams, Bose & Next to name a few; and has opened over 150 retail outlets across the country. 

With her endless set of achievements, she’d also set up a bench mark in the entire industry by being the first chef to secure an award amongst the top 5 women entrepreneurs in India at the Global Entrepreneur Summit for flourishingly innovating unique products in the baking and confectionary field.

In addition, her product Confect was also recognized internationally  at Gulfood 2018 in Dubai along with that as mentioned above she has also developed a range of Metallic Sugar Paste – its the only one of its kind in the word making her eligible for yet not another innovation award this year. Lastly, G’s Patisserie was considered amidst the top 20 startups in India in Food technology at World Food India.

Great art has a simple recipe – reinterpret the familiar and surprise the senses. Chef Gauri, one of the industry’s high rising chef’s, is following just that. As the corporate chef at G’s Patisserie and owner at confect, she is arguably creating the most artistic fusion experiments in the world of bakery. Stirring the taste palettes of hundreds in a day, Chef Gauri is changing the way Metropolitans desire for bakery products, one item at a time.

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