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Netflix’s Bad Boy Billionaires: India series was launched a week back. Here are some key elements narrated in the docu series noted by Thought Habitat.

Well, I must say I’m pretty late to write about this. But I took my time to watch the entire series intricately and understand their life stories. Watching this, I believe the entire series has maintained that thin line between propaganda and accusation. The series did focus on the positive as well as the negative elements of the individual. It represents the perspective of the basic employee to the top management members working with the Bad Boy Billionaires. Without much ado, allow me share the key elements noted by Thought Habitat in the series.

All Bad Boys had a Vision

Yes, the series in three different episodes talk on Billionaires Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Subrata Roy. Be it Vijay Mallya who had the vision of making India ultra modern or Nirav Modi with the vision of making India as a pioneer or Subrata Roy who empowered rural folks to turn rich. Well, their ulterior motives might not be aware to the rest.

Common Man, the Ultimate Victim

A former Cabin Crew Member at Kingfisher Airlines says salary backlog still exists. She also claims food shortage in-flight as well. Well, Nirav Modi doesn’t seem to have a record of not paying his employees. But Deputy Manager Gokulnath Shetty and his subordinate eventually are subject to CBI trial. The subordinate working under Gokulnath Shetty is far more vulnerable and he breaks down as he says I did what my boss said.

In case of Subrata Roy, Rajiv Bajaj who served as the Vice President of Sahara Group claims Roy uplifted under-performers largely. And so far, none of the customers who cheated. But several people who were working as agents, managed to garner leads for chit schemes with Rs 10 per day are now subject to scrutiny.

Scamsters Do Play the Victim Card

Siddharth Mallya, son of one of the infamous Billionaires says that framing his father was politically motivated. Well, if he was framed, why did he have to flee the country? Rajiv Bajaj as well vouches for Subrata Roy saying Sahara Group has paid back all dues. Again, why the imprisonment? Nirav Modi is an exception here as not all who spoke for him vouched for him despite their praises.

Well, scamsters are plenty in this country. These three are now the easy targets to focus on. Unlikely, we may never get to see documentaries on the political scams such as Bofors, 2G and a lot more. Earlier, Thought Habitat’s feature on Scam 1992, a Harshad Mehta story too was more or less on the same grounds.

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