Lowsoot pledges to Eradicate Carbon Footprint & reverse Climate Change

Lowsoot, a climate change startup is taking a pledge to reverse climate change by eradicating carbon footprint with the help of technology innovation.

By the end of this year, global carbon emissions are expected to grow by 1.5 billion tonnes, the second-largest increase in history. It is reversing the majority of the drop caused by the Covid-19 pandemic last year. This would be the highest annual increase in emissions since 2010 when the world began a carbon-intensive recovery from the global financial crisis. CO2 emissions are expected to rise by nearly 5% to 33 billion tonnes this year. Lowsoot, a startup company, has recently launched the unique beta version of a calculator which measures the carbon footprints of individuals and organisations.

This helps them become carbon neutral by funding verified green initiatives around the world. The company is creating digital tools to help individuals and organisations to take action on climate change, and the beta calculator is their first step. 

More than 2000 people have calculated their footprint with the help of our Beta calculator thus far. This Lowsoot has computed 50 lakh kgs of CO2 and plans to wipe 1 lakh tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in a year. More than 4000 people have signed up for Lowsoot’s Upcoming App, which will be “Google Fit for tracking individual carbon footprint”. This app will calculate your footprint on the go by integrating with applications such as Swiggy, Zomato, OLA, and Uber, and all the app that we use regularly.

Lowsoot was developed with the goal of calculating the human footprint and eradicating the carbon footprint in order to effectively counteract climate change. Lowsoot is aiming to be at the forefront of the climate change revolution in the country. The company envisions a society in which everyone, including individuals and businesses, operates carbon neutrally, i.e., all entities reduce their carbon footprint by adopting sustainable practices and pay for their unavoidable carbon imprint by funding carbon removal methods. 

Lowsoot is collaborating with NGOs to implement a number of green projects. Such is a mangrove plantation in the Mahanadi delta in partnership with Saytrees and the deployment of 20000 electric taxis in partnership with Fulora Foundation. In partnership with Inseda, Lowsoot is constructing India’s first eco village. Lowsoot aims to remove 80000 tonnes / 8 billion kg of CO2 from the atmosphere through this process.

We are delighted to announce the release of our first product, a beta version of Calculator for calculating and erasing carbon footprints. Until now. More than 2000 people have already signed up to undertake it, and over 4000 have expressed interest in Lowsoot App for on-the-go tracking. Till date, Lowsoot has already erased more than 5000 tons of carbon footprints around the atmosphere. This calculator is our first step towards building a carbon-neutral world” said Sachin Sengar, Founder & CEO of Lowsoot.

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