Indian Startup Personalities of 2022

Here are the Indian startup personalities of 2022 who drove massive revenues, innovative strategies and significant growth for their startups.

2022 has been a roller coaster ride for the Indian startup ecosystem. On one hand, the valuations increased, and the number of unicorns soared. On the darker side, layoffs were pretty high, and some of the iconic startups are failing.

While this has been the case with startups that get all the limelight, we forget to note that new startups are emerging everyday. And their founders are innovating to a whole new level that nobody could think about. On that note, here are the Indian startup personalities of 2022 who drove massive revenues, innovative strategies and set long term goals.

Sanat Jain: Co-Founder, Lavna Locks

Sanat Jain is the co-founder and driving force behind the latest tech-based digital lock company, Lavna Locks. As the core strategist for the company, his meticulous innovation of the new generation smart locks, the Made in India brand, merged technology with security to make smart locks attainable in the country.

In 2021, he reinforced his idea for Lavna with the ambition of providing cutting-edge technology-driven solutions in the digital lock segment. The company is well-known throughout the “B2B & B2C” sector, and its clientele encompasses renowned brands like Adani Power, Air India (Mumbai), Power Plant Group, AIIMS, and Golf Course Noida.

Under his savvy supervision, the company has achieved a total of Rs. 4 crores revenue in the span of a year, with a sharp focus on reaching the milestone of Rs.10 crores in revenue in the fiscal year 2022–23. The brand is maintaining a virtual store presence spanning all 28 cities of India and rigorously aiming to acquire the maximum share percentage in the pan-Indian market.

Deepti Sharma, Director – ThinkerPlace

ThinkerPlace has always aimed to revolutionize the learning methodology and make it fun and easy for children. With our fun Educational STEM DIY Toys, we focus on integrating theoretical STEM concepts into reality. In 2022, we launched our new product range for kids of age 8 years and above. We successfully collaborated with JioTV and Padhega Bharat.

With this collaboration, we aim to reach over 50 lakh Indian households and create STEM awareness across India. We are also working with MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited) and HKCL (Haryana Knowledge Corporation Limited) to make STEM learning fun & easy and implement them in real life. ThinkerPlace also expanded to international borders as we successfully set up TRAM (The Rehla Academy Makerspace) in collaboration with TechGen Africa to set up STEM & Innovation Labs at TRA, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. 

Shreya Sharma, Founder- Rest The Case

This year, Rest The Case has been able to onboard more than 1200 lawyers from more than 200+ cities. We have been able to help 100% more people than we were able to last year to find lawyers near them.

Along with growth with our clients and lawyers, we have also doubled our in-house team. As an online platform, our website and social media numbers are significant. In this year alone we grew our social media by more than 200% across all platforms. Not just this but our website saw an increase of 700% from the previous year.

Anand Bhushan, CEO – Educrack

The last 6 months have been exhilarating in terms of quantum of work done. We were able to evaluate our technology platform for concurrent use by 10000 users, prepare and administer the entire content for our main programs-CAT, CLAT, CRT preparation, and onboarded students on our platform.

The first batch of CAT 22 prep students have already completed the program and are taking the CAT in 3 days’ time. EduCrack successfully launched the Comprehensive Test Series, which is being admired and appreciated not only by students but also by competitors. The foray into B2B and B2B2C market has been initiated as Technology and Content solutions to Coaching Classes and Educators.

Also tied up with a couple of Quasi Government Organisations for training of students of Engineering Colleges for Campus recruitment Test and AI enabled Interview analysis and feedback and training of students through Mock tests . MOU signed with Padhega Bharat for joint knowledge dissemination. Initiated tie up talks for AI Enabled Interview assessment and feedback with Corporates for first line of screening in hiring. The hard work will start giving results from January in terms of increased footprint and revenues.

Akanksha Sharma, Co-founder & CEO – CITTA

CITTA has carved a niche in the premium segment of the baby skincare industry with over 200% growth and a loyal customer base. With our offline marketing strategies, our products have reached multiple pharmacies in Pune.

Every eminent doctor and pediatrician in Pune recommend and loves CITTA. We have increased our return customer rates through our online marketplaces and website, which has also helped us gain our customers’ trust. Now, they are willing to pay a premium price for the best care for their babies. As our clientele grows, we are spreading our wings and collaborating with top maternity chains and pediatricians to ensure the accessibility of our products.

Not just that, CITTA also taps into the aspirations of middle-class and upper-middle-class customers. When choosing products for their babies, these customers prefer making thoughtful decisions rather than picking budget-friendly brands with subpar products. Our focus on creating conscious, premium, natural baby care products unlike anything on the market today is helping us reach the right audience.

Manas Wadhwa, Founder क se Kulcha, Desi Vibes, Kaffiiaa, Imperial Spice

“क se Kulcha”- Changing the face of street side Indian Food won the Best Newcomer QSR Award this year. If you are hunting for the best Amritsari kulchas then your search ends here! Bite into varied lip smacking breads at “क se Kucha” which will make you leave your calorie counting for a short while atleast. Take a stroll around the food court in DLF Mall of India and amidst the hustle bustle you will explore aromas seeping out of our outlet which will make you want to indulge in the taste of kulchas loaded with butter. Recently started a street side Indian QSR “क se Kulcha” in DLF Mall of India serving a very unique and Innovative menu of Kulchas and Cholas could see a boom in sales of street food served with hygiene and care this Year.

Rahul Misra, Founder – Vesta Elder Care

Based in New Delhi, Vesta Elder Care was started by Mr. Rahul Misra with the vision to provide holistic healthcare solutions to the ones in need. The company received seed funding in November 2021 from a UK-based investor, and is now laying the foundations for future expansion and growth.

Vesta Elder Care is a platform through which the patient is connected with a genuine healthcare provider. The services are not limited to only one form of care; instead, every possible option is offered to provide the healthcare needs at home. Vesta Elder Care offers caregivers, nurses, dietician consultation, quality medical equipment, ICU setup, lab tests, doctor consultation, physiotherapy, and more. Anyone can avail of these services with just one phone call or one click away through their app.

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