FICCI FLO, Kolkata Chapter, organizes workshop on food styling

FICCI FLO, Kolkata Chapter recently organized a workshop on Food Styling. Jyoti Jain Chibber and Disha Batra, renowned food stylists demonstrated.

FICCI FLO, Kolkata Chapter, organized a workshop on Food Styling with Jyoti Jain Chibber and Disha Batra, two friends who followed their passion of innovating dishes with quality ingredients and presenting it like an art at Tapas@Home. The two mavericks are creating a storm in the Gourmet foods. The dishes conjured by Jyoti and Disha are gut-friendly, artistic and vegetarian. 

The session was introduced by FICCI FLO Chairperson Sunira Chamaria, who was of the view that “Cooking is universal; it brings together people and builds strong bonds.”

Disha and Jyoti introduced themselves and their passion for creativity, their career choices and their common affinity to food. They began the session with presentation and preparation of mulled wine, and went on explaining the types of wine that can be used to prepare it. Jyoti recommended by saying “Argentinian wine is the best option, and maple syrup is better in taste as compared to honey. There are also special glasses for serving mulled wine, which are thicker and stronger to keep the wine warm and insulated for long. Red wine goblets can also be used for serving but the only thing one must keep in mind before using them to serve is the temperature.”

Talking about Tapas, Disha added, “ We have been known for our ingredients, and seasonality we bring to the table. We have been styling the tables for our clients, and they seek customization which reflects their vibrant personality. Glass Tags, Napkin Rings, Stirrers, Chopsticks are some of the tools used by us for bringing personalisation.

Our efforts at Tapas are usually focused on making minimum wastage, one of our best selling eco-friendly products is 7 layered Tex-Mex dip.” The ladies also went on explaining the detailing that goes into preparing a Cheese Platter. Jyoti said, “Maximum of 4 variety of cheese can only be used in Indian platters considering the season and taste preferences here.” 

Ms Manju Pachisia, complimented Tex Mex Layered dip and the idea of it being an on-the-go ingredient.

The workshop came to an end with Disha and Jyoti answering the questions by FLO members and workshop participants enquiring about the source of ingredients and types used. The viewers were really interested to know about the benefits and quantity of herbs, plating and its specifications.

The session ended with a thankful quote by Ms Sunira Chamaria, Chairperson, FICCO FLO, Kolkata to event coordinators Ritu, Manju and Shraddha, the FICCI FLO members, event partners, lead sponsors Damodar Ropeway and Infra Limited, media partner Sanmarg, gift partner Print Factory and all the past members and presidents for their continuous support.

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