Data-Driven Customer Insights with Happyagility

N M Reddy (Mallik), Founder of Happyagility is talking about his startup and the journey they are embarking upon in the coming years with data analytics.

During the lockdown, several startups have emerged. Happyagility is one among them. Right from understanding consumer behaviour with data analytics to identifying grey areas in business development, Happyagility offers it all. It is among the few Made in India tech companies that are assisting the entire world to leverage the power of data to improvise user experience.

N M Reddy (Mallik), Founder of Happyagility is talking to us about his startup and the journey they are embarking upon in the coming years with data analytics.

Edited Excerpts:

What prompted you to develop Happyagility?

It all began when I was working on a women’s ethnic wear reseller platform efficiently. Initial days proved to be appealing but with time the business became stagnant. The reason behind the customer churn was unknown back then, as it was difficult to personally interact with each and every customer and gather valuable feedback.

Having noticed that most customer-based companies are in a similar situation today, I came up with a solution to solve the issue together. Happyagility was born to reduce customer churn by listening to the customers socially and be their voice. Our AI analytics platform gives customer insights to you for you to grow better.

What is the problem you are solving with the Happyagility platform?

Customer lifetime value (CLV) is the total worth of a customer to a business over the entirety of the relationship. We are going to improve CLV by providing the data-driven insights required for making the right decisions for the business. As per McKinsey report states that “executive teams that make extensive use of customer data analytics across all business decisions see a 126% profit improvement over companies that don’t”

Integrations with other platforms is another unique feature of Happyagility. Would you like to tell us how these Integrations work and how they would help the customers?

You can connect Happyagility with multiple applications to analyze your text data and generate meaningful insight for taking the data-based decisions. For now, we are connected with popular applications such as Hubspot, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Youtube, Google Playstore & Trustpilot to start the journey. We continue to integrate more systems in future.

As we have a major customer base on the popular Ticketing systems, Reviews, YouTube and App store, I am sure many businesses would be using any one of the systems to capture customer feedback. We will help in the integration of the system and generate insights out of data from the existing system itself.

What was that one big challenge that came up during the inception stage?      

Few things as any startup.

A team with the right skills for using the latest tech stack is the challenge. For this, we identified a team and started doing proof of concept (POC). After looking into POC – I am confident to kick start along with my Team. It has been successful 9 months journey

What is the road map for Happyagility?

We are on target as per the plan. Hope we will be reaching the next steps in the journey too. Right now, we are focused on offering whatever we have planned consistently. As we go further, the sky will be the limit for us to grow.

How to use the Happy agility platform?

We are providing lifelong free products for the business community to start their new successful journey with us. Please visit to try our free product.

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