Are Actors Crossing the Line & Playing Victim Card with their Mass Appeal?

Madras High Court condemned actor Joseph Vijay and fined him INR 1 Lakh. While this judgement is a welcome measure, did we allow actors to become superior?

Joseph Vijay is a famous actor in Tamil Movies. His movies- Bigil, Master, Mersal and Sarkar are among the highest grossing Tamil movies as on date. Yes, worldwide gross of all these movies were beyond INR 200 crores.

Unfortunately, the actor who through his movies vouches for the common man is now a branded tax evader. The Madras High Court had put fine of Rs. 100,000/- for not paying Entry Tax for his Rolls Royce. Also, the court directed him to be a real hero by paying tax on time. Surprisingly, he was the one who demanded tax exemption for his imported Rolls Royce in the court.

This is not only tax evasion, but also a possible case of actors playing the victim card. Why would they play a victim card?

  1. To make headlines and leverage the Anti-Indian Government narrative set by some media houses.
  2. To possibly shield his act of tax evasion and fight the judicial system with his mass appeal.

Selective Reporting by Media Houses

Hence, we could construe the fact that actors are crossing their lines. Moreover, it was not only Joseph Vijay. Consequently, even Rajinikanth was subject to the same last year. But, the media houses were quick enough to mock the actor. In terms of Joseph Vijay, a short report with no controversial words used.

If we can see, Rajinikanth is vouching for the measures taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Is that the reason why he is subject to criticism in Tamil mainstream media? On the other hand, Joseph Vijay and his movies were against the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For example, Bigil did portray Athletes from Tamil Nadu are not getting enough opportunities in national sports.

Now, why are actors crossing the line? Is mass appeal making them superior?

Yes, we all worship actors and that is possibly making room for them think that they’re allowed to do anything. We stand for them when they play a victim card. Moreover, some of us blindly support those acts. Perhaps, that is the reason why tax evasion and spreading hate speeches are becoming a norm.

If it has to stop, we all must be aware of what we stand for. Are we allowing an actor to live in his riches with the hard earned money of the poor? Unless, we think and fall for these opinions, such actors will continue the acts of tax evasion and anti-nationalism.

Keep watching this space for more updates.

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