Victim Card to Goondagiri | Are Actors becoming Mafia Lords with their Mass Appeal?

Actor Vijay is now seeking the judge to repeal his words in the earlier judgement. This says celebrities indulge in goondagiri and think beyond politics.

Previously, we spoke about the alleged tax evasion attempt by South Indian Actor Joseph Vijay. A Madras High Court Judge was urging the actor to be real life hero and pay his taxes on time. Now, the actor is challenging the judgment and is seeking the judge to repeal his words. Therefore, Joseph Vijay’s actions stands as a testimony to the fact that an actor can indulge in goondagiri with his/her mass appeal. And they might soon become the present day mafia lords.

Going the Extra Mile

With MGR, Jayalalithaa, Vijayakanth, Kamal Hassan and others, it is a known fact that an actor with a mass appeal can become a politician. But now, actors are going beyond political ambitions. They are gradually attempting to achieve something of a special status through goondagiri.

On the other hand, attempts of threatening the government is a known fact. Moreover, the fellow actors and their large fan following are the motivating factors for them to indulge in goondagiri.

Here are some possibilities of why celebrities try to indulge in goondagiri

Immunity from Tax & Law?

Actors are super rich. They own the most fancy cars, clothes, jewels and what not. Perhaps, the frenzy built upon them in itself draws a lot of attention from government authorities. A young actor quickly owns a lavish apartment or an independent house in a city and that doesn’t stop with one.

Hence, they are subject to heavy tax structures than others. The recent Rolls Royce case of Joseph Vijay is the best example to quote. He filed this case in 2012 and reportedly, since then he did not pay the Entry Tax for his Rolls Royce. A friend of mine, who is a Chartered Accountant says the actor is probably saving 5 million rupees minimum in taxes.

Also, breaching law & order is not a new for celebrities. They are often involved in some cases of rash driving, hunting and some in human rights violations too. Hence, to suppress these acts, one requires strong legal backing and at one point in time they may require immunity from law. Hence, they end up challenging judiciary and the government with their mass appeal.

Godfather Image?

Yet another South Indian actor runs an NGO to fund the educational dreams of children coming from poor background. Recently, he and his family was fighting the Central Government in issues of an entrance test. Some political pundits say that he is attempting to build a godfather image. Hence when issue arises, the people who benefited through his NGO will stage a protest and create unrest in the society.

MGR had this godfather image and the reflection of the same was seen over his death. The entire state was in chaos. Also, when Jayalalithaa was arrested chaos erupted in the state.

External Motivations?

Most things today may not happen without external motivations. Reportedly, Bollywood had to take loans from the underworld way back in 1960s when the Indian Government denied industry status.

Similarly, today when the business scenario is uncertain, an upcoming South Indian actor signs contracts worth Rs 750 Million with a leading production house. Well, we are not questioning the actor’s ability or his allegiance. But, how is the production house able to make this hefty offer?

Therefore, speculations of external funding in the Indian show business arena is on the rise. Also, with international celebrities criticizing the Indian Farm Laws is in fact affirming these facts.

Boycott Celebrities who Indulge in Goondagiri

For us, entertainment is just entertainment. Perhaps, as a fashion icon. But, not as a godfather. We all have a success story to talk on and we are self made individuals. We do not accept a celebrity setting benchmarks for us. If he/she does the same, then that is an act of intellectual slavery.

Most importantly, we live in a democracy where courts act in the best interest of an oppressed individual. If an affluent individual is trying to break that norm, and bothers to threaten our judicial system, we definitely back the judiciary. After all, the judiciary exists for our good.

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