High Paid Actors | New Standards of Equality & Intellectual Slavery?

Actors getting paid in crores is nothing but intellectual slavery on a large population and is setting new standards of equality. What should we do?

When Ambani built the world’s largest residential complex, the whole world came criticizing it. But the question is, why the same people did not bother questioning an actor when he/she continues earning in crores? Moreover, actors own villas, flamboyant apartments and expensive cars. Yet, when they indulge in tax evasion a whole lot of activists support them.

Similarly, most of us had a beginning salary of something in the range of Rs 8000 to Rs 12,000. In case of engineering graduates, the salary range is a little higher. Doctors too earn somewhere in the range of nearly Rs 20,000 (could vary depending upon the specialization).

Every year, we all have a pay hike in the company that we work. And the average pay hike could range from 7 percent to 15 percent if we are in a firm with a decent cash flow. But, if we see the track record of a lead actor nothing is justifiable.

High Profits the Reason?

On average, an actor with crores of followers manages to get nearly INR 600 million. Well, some say the profits are higher and so is the actor’s salary. But the question is, why a supporting actor or a junior artist for that matter is not paid the same way? Forget the supporting cast, why the pay band of heroines are still lesser than what heroes get?

No other Industry is Growing?

I always ponder upon this fact. E-commerce as an industry has been growing exponentially and so are several others. This means despite uncertainties employees working in these industries must get a decent pay scale which is at least 10 percent higher than what they draw currently. To our utter dismay, our salaries grow only in hundreds and thousands.

Yet, despite recession, despite the pandemic and despite flood and famine, the movie industry is earning regularly.

Actors Sign Hefty Movie Contracts with Production Houses even during the Pandemic

A leading media house with a profit making movie production subsidiary in the South recently signed an upcoming actor for nearly INR 700 million. This contract was for a couple of films in the next few years. Imagine, many amongst us lost jobs. Some had to beg and borrow for their survival. In between all this, actors are signing contracts in millions and billions.

Also, they continue holding back their flamboyant apartments and villas. They are completely untouched by the pandemic effects. Aren’t they people like us? Did we become inferior to earn or is someone setting new standards of equality?

Are we not Putting Enough Efforts to Earn More

Every profession is different. Yes, each one of us put efforts to thrive. Some rise in terms of hierarchy and pay. While the rest continue to perform in their own capacities to thrive. Yet, our pay scale remains moderate.

None of us perhaps till retirement could hardly see a Crore in our accounts. None of us might not own a Rolls Royce or a Bugatti Veyron unless we are a top class actor.

Not only Fortune, but Thought Leadership Too

In our recent blog, we saw how a South Indian actor is challenging the judiciary. On the other hand, an actress is demanding people to donate for education rather than temples. Well, if we save the money we spend on movies, we can afford a lot more things in life. Coming back to the topic, they get fame and spotlight wherever they go. Every single word they utter is golden.

Are Heroes the Present Day Monarchies?

Monarchies were fought and abolished for a reason. Number one, to end inequality. Number two, to ensure every individual in a country gets his/her right share. But, either knowingly or unknowingly, we perhaps made way for parallel monarchies in the name of Actors.

They influence our buying decisions and they influence what we should wear. Also, they influence attitude and lifestyles. If this is not enough, they set benchmarks for us while they passively indulge in everything.

This is nothing but intellectual slavery. If this has to end, we all must boycott movies and start saving the pennies we spend on them for our personal growth. So that one day, we define our own living standards and ideals. Moreover, be the inspiration for our near and dear ones so that actors are just actors.

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