The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini hosts the 2nd phase of the Pan India summer enrichment program online

The Shri Ram Wonder Years in Rohini, Delhi NCR has unveiled the Summer Enrichment Programme for children in the age group of 3-6 years.

The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini, Delhi NCR’s one of the most reputed pre-schools, has unveiled the Summer Enrichment Programme for children in the age group of 3-6 years. The 25-day programme began on June 8 and has been categorised as ‘Summer Discovery Fun 2.0’ among parents’ communities through online channels like social media, newsletters, etc. 

Carrying forward the legacy of The Shriram school, The Shri Ram Wonder Years is organizing this summer enrichment programme with the theme of ‘Unlock the Child’s multiple intelligences’. The school conducted the first phase for the little ones in the age group of 1.5-5 years during last month, which saw a participation of around 150 students. 

The programme activities for the second phase are being designed by qualified teachers and child experts who understand the way young minds perceive and comprehend things around themselves. Since it is online, the programme is only one hour in duration to ensure the child’s well-being.

The activities added in this Summer Discovery Fun programme are Organic Gardening, Kidz Art Club, World of Animation, Camper Space and many more. In addition, some of the unique activities like Farm Adventure, Moves & Grooves, Gather Treasures provide opportunities for children to develop rhythmic skills, critical thinking skills and a sense of discovering answers to their inquisitiveness.

All the activities have been planned with great attention given to children’s cognition, perception, habits and interests. For each child participating, TSWY has designed unique online passes which come under different packages as per students’ requirements and parents’ understanding. 

“It is high time our pedagogical methods evolve as per the changing remote learning methods and students’ needs. The little ones have never been exposed to this influx of information; overexposure to the Internet can have a deteriorating impact. We aim to channelize so that the child is subjected to growth in an organized environment. Our efforts have always been to touch experiential and engaging aspects of learning as it leads to immersive comprehension. The Pan-India summer enrichment program is devised to keep the young ones abreast of fun learning within the comfort and safety of their homes,” Sumedha Goel, Director, The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Rohini explained.

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