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Peter Ongera, an award winning entrepreneur, coach, mentor is suggesting some meaningful ways to spread love and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

In the present COVID-19 pandemic, socioeconomic and political climate, Valentine’s Day celebrations ought to be more meaningful and longer lasting than the traditional flowers and chocolate.

Here are some creative ways to express your love to various members of society:


All of us have been either affected or infected with the virus or both. Let us all accept and love each other by stopping the spread of the disease by observing all the health protocols.


It is high time our politicians and governments showed us love by not making empty promises,paying taxes and dealing with all all corruption claims and scandals decisively. Our leaders’lack of love is responsible for the elusiveness of our countries’ prosperity and development. Let us hope they are not cooking any scams this Valentine’s  Day.


With the ongoing food crisis and crop failure due to climate change and economic policies,starving families do not need over-priced red roses, cards, chocolates, wines and other gift items. All they need is food to prevent malnutrition and death. Donate food or cash to buy food. Buy someone some vegetables and flour instead of flowers and chocolate.


If you love yourself and your significant other,know your HIV status. The virus and disease are with us and millions of affected or infected people need affection.

Parents and Children

Children and parents are encouraged to exchange messages to emphasise their strong bonds of love. Family counsellors advise parents to initiate the exchange of messages to help their children understand family love. Gifts of kindness, compassion, respect and thoughtfulness teach children that love means much more than three words (I love you) inscribed on the gifts. It is important to help children express affection and friendship in ways that transcend materialism.

Mother Nature

Our lifestyles are destroying natural resources and emitting green house gases. Yes, we are responsible for climate change and global warming which threaten our own existence. Let us show love to Mother Nature by going green-living an eco-friendly lifestyle with least negative impacts on the environment. After plucking those roses, plant some more and other trees.

Written by

Peter Ongera


Peter Ongera is a freelance writer,an award-winning entrepreneur, trainer, coach and mentor. He started off as a peer counselor and freelance journalist while doing my undergraduate studies at Egerton University in Kenya.

Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay

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